Mom Suffers Allergic Reaction & Almost Dies 5 Times While Giving Birth

pregnantGeorge Cormack is a 33-year-old British mom who is incredibly lucky to be alive after nearly dying five times while giving birth to her twins. Yes -- I said five times. (Holy Moly!) During the labor and delivery process, George suffered four heart attacks and a stroke, which ultimately led to doctors putting her into a medically induced coma.

And the weirdest part of her whole ordeal was what caused the heart attacks and stroke in the first place -- something called an amniotic fluid embolism. Basically, she was allergic to fetal cells that entered her bloodstream while she was giving birth and had a severe reaction. OMG. Whoever thought you could be allergic to bringing a baby into the world?!


Out of all the things I worried might possibly go wrong while I was having my son, being allergic to his fetal cells is definitely not something that crossed my mind even once. Honestly, things I was most concerned with during labor and delivery were pooping on the table, tearing or having an episiotomy (yikes!), or winding up having a C-section. Never once did I think there was a possibility that I'd have a heart attack or stroke -- or be allergic to pushing!

But before you go getting all freaked out and start googling amniotic fluid embolism, you should know that the odds of something like this happening are very slim. Just think about how many millions of women have gone into the hospital and delivered a baby with zero problems or complications. Cases like this are few and far between, which is why they make headlines when they happen.

And in case you were wondering, George has made a full recovery and is now enjoying a happy and healthy life with her twin babies. I'd say after what she went through to have them, she certainly deserves a little bit of normalcy.

What are some of your biggest worries about giving birth?

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