Dad Who Delivered Daughter in Hospital Deserves a Discount (VIDEO)

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Isable Delgado-HerreraEverything was going well when Isabel Delgado went into labor. She'd planned a hospital delivery for the birth of her fourth child, and unlike some women who end up delivering on the side of the road because they don't make it in time, she was there in the delivery room and ready.

Then it was time to push ... but there was no doctor to be found. According to KENS5, the San Antonio couple sent their nephew out to find a doctor, but he found none -- just a nurse. Dad David Herrera told the station, "When he comes back in finally, like, 'Uncle David, there's no doctors.'"

Instead of panicking, however, calm mom Isabel took charge and told her husband just what he needed to do. "So I looked at him [Herrera] and said, 'David, look at me,' and I said, 'You can do this,'" she told the station.

So dad donned surgical gloves and tried to remember what the doctor had done when his three sons were born. Then in a matter of minutes, he delivered his own daughter -- Isabel -- right there in the hospital. The couple said it all happened so quickly they didn't even think to look at the clock for the exact time of birth.

Wow, what a birth story that is, and it's amazing that they were both so calm. Now, they're just grateful their baby girl is here and healthy. I have to wonder, however, how the hospital is going to explain this, and what the nurse, who was reportedly present, was doing. It's a little worrisome that Delgado says in the interview that she was worried about freaking out the nurse.

The hospital, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System, offered nothing more than a dismissive statement that read:

We take patient concerns seriously and conduct internal reviews surrounding patient concerns. Labor and Delivery nurses are trained to deliver babies when delivery of the baby is imminent.

So why didn't this nurse step in instead of dad doing the delivery? I suppose all's well that ends well, but I certainly hope it makes the hospital rethink their policies. At the very least, it seems like this family should get some kind of discount on their delivery.

Did you have an unusual birth experience? Do you think the couple deserves a discount on this birth?

Image via KENS5

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mande... manderspanders

Just proves that a doctor isn't always a necessary part of delivering a baby.

Lynette Lynette

all he had to do was catch.  It's not rocket science.  Odd that the nurse didn't do it.  Mom delivered the baby, doctors, midwifes, etc catch. 

coupo... coupon_ash_back

Great story. Not that unusal though...

Todd Vrancic

Discount?  I think that they should not bill them at all!  As a matter of fact, they should pray on their knees that this couple doesn't sue.  Even though the baby is fine, they still have grounds for a lawsuit.  Not only was the doctor not there, the nurse did not follow her training and deliver the baby.  Nonfeasance bordering on malfeasance, and definitely malpractice.

squish squish

WOW, good thing they were in a hospital just in case something bad happened and they needed a doctor! I hope that would be considered fraud if the hospital tried to bill the insurance or the couple for it, but sadly they will probably come up with some legal way to bill for a "procedure" that wasn't performed by a doc or have a doc in attendance. I mean, I wouldn't be charged for surgery if somehow the problem corrected itself and I didn't end up needing surgery for it. Honestly I hope they sue for negligence, and then for future births, hire a competent midwife at an independent birth center or home, and get the care they were expecting. Or plan an unattended birth ;).

And really, having Dad catch is not that unusual. Lots of couples make that choice, even in a hospital setting. You don't have to have a homebirth to have Dad be a part of the process. Just make it clear that Dad will be the one CATCHING (not delivering, Mom delivers).

libby261 libby261

I agree with Todd.

Katsa... Katsandkids

my youngest was delivered by a Ob nurse as the Dr didn't make it in time he was in the parking lot when my little one made her arrival

elfis... elfishpirat

Anyone can catch a baby. It's really not that hard. Your body does the work, the baby comes out. Done.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

I have heard tons of stories where this happens. Either mom is a really quick birther, or nobody believed her when she said it was time to push. I was five minutes away from not having a doctor catch my daughter last month, but she ran quickly enough in the end. Good thing, too, since baby girl had heavy meconium and a nuchal cord.

Rebecca Fisher

ah thats nothing my youngest son and only hospital birth was born into the toilet , oops

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