Kids React to Mom's Pregnancy Announcement & It's Hilariously Awful (VIDEO)

Yesterday I saw the most adorable video being linked around the Internet. In the clip, an older couple react to the news that their daughter is pregnant, and their reaction is absolutely priceless. Grandma and Grandpa whoop, hug each other, scream, and sob out loud with pure unadulterated joy. I mean, it's one of the sweetest little home videos I think I've ever seen.

While that particular video is 100 percent awesome, there's something about the opposite sort of reaction that has its own charm, too. As you're about to see, some people aren't quite so thrilled to hear that there's going to be a new addition to the family—especially if they're very young, and the baby in question is going to be their new brother or sister.


In this video, a mom is also sharing the happy news that she's pregnant. The only difference is, she's telling her kids instead of her parents. Oh, and the other difference is that instead of reacting with joy, the kids have a GIANT CRAZY MELTDOWN.

Take a look:

Okay, maybe it's terrible to laugh at this, but it's just so hilarious how it progresses. First the little boy thinks it's a joke, then he completely falls apart, then the sister—who seemed generally fine with the announcement at first—starts crying, and then a tiny toddler comes in and joins the chorus of weeping. Meanwhile, Mom just looks at the camera like WTF did I get myself into, here?

My first son was still pretty little when we told him that another baby was on the way, and to be honest, I don't think he fully understood what was going on until we brought his "baby brudda" home from the hospital. I can imagine how the reaction might be different when a kid is older (and when they already have a house full of siblings), but I bet the mom in that video had NO IDEA she was going to capture that sort of Hallmark Moment on video. Talk about a hilarious keepsake, though, right? You know ... assuming the kids eventually warmed up to the idea.

How did your kid(s) react to hearing they were going to have a brother or sister? Were they happy, or not so much?

Image via YouTube

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