2012's Hottest Baby Names Are All About Celebs

beyonceThe hottest new baby names of 2012 are here, and they're way different from last year's trendiest names. Think Hunger Games instead of Twilight, and of course, think of the ridiculously, ridiculously famous couple who gave birth earlier this year, making way for a whole new flock of similarly-named babies.

Ready to see if your kid's, or kid-to-be's, name is on the list? Check out Nameberry's list of 2012's hottest new baby names.


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Rue. Thanks to the wildly popular Hunger Games series, Rue is one of the most popular new names on the block. Bet you thought I was gonna say "Katniss," right?

Emmett. Technically, this could be traced back to Twilight's Emmett Cullen, but, statistically-speaking, there's a hot new trend of boys' names ending in "ett."

Ivy. I mean, are you really surprised?

Weston, Wesley, and West. Weston is the name Jenna Fischer of The Office gave her son.

Adele. Another obvious one.

Grayson and Gray. I think I personally know 10 Graysons. Crazy!

Aria. Apparently, this name, according to studies, encourages children to get high marks in school. Sure it does.

Cyrus. Yes, as in Miley.

Estelle. Sweden's royal couple named their baby Estelle earlier this year. Cute!

Cato. Another Hunger Games reference.

Blythe. I love this name. And it means "happiness."

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I actually think that most of these names are really cute. However, I don't think I could bring myself to give my child a super trendy name -- or a name that I liked from a wildly popular book series. Because, odds are, lots of other parents-to-be are thinking the same thing. And then your kid is just another Cyrus.

What do you think of these names? How did you pick your child's name?


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