Laboring Mom Accidentally 'Poops' Newborn Baby Into Public Toilet

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newbornJust when I thought I'd truly heard it all, I read a story about a woman in China who went into labor nine days before she was due, and ultimately wound up giving birth to her baby girl after insisting on making a stop to use the bathroom on her way to the hospital. You know -- because she probably thought she was feeling pressure "down there" because she had to poop, not push the baby out! OMG.

This definitely isn't the first time a baby has been born in a restroom, but it is the first time I've heard about a baby being born in a public toilet pit. Yes -- a toilet pit, which is basically a small hole on the bathroom floor that you -- well, kind of squat and "hover" over in order to do your business.

If you still aren't getting a good visual of what I mean, then you'll get a much clearer picture after checking out the photo of the actual toilet pit where the little girl was born. It's not entirely primitive, but it's definitely not what we're used to here in the States. I did have the pleasure of using something similar in Paris once, and trust me -- it was no picnic. I can't imagine actually being hovered over that thing and pushing out a baby -- especially when I expected to be going #2!

After the woman gave birth, her husband called for help, and rescuers came and could see the baby lying in the pit and could hear the poor little thing crying too. They wound up ripping out the other pits nearby so that they could get the baby out. She was in there for about 30 minutes, and rescuers reported her as "a little pale and stiff."

Miraculously, the baby survived and is being monitored by doctors in the hospital for a little while longer just to make sure she is ok. Her aunt says that the family will bring her home as soon as the doctor says she's ready to go.

If nothing else, this story really makes you appreciate living somewhere with modern facilities, and up-to-date toilets, doesn't it? I think I'll be a little more appreciative and less whiny the next time I complain about having to put down toilet paper on a public seat before using it. Doing that sure beats giving birth (or pooping) into a hole.

What is the strangest place you've ever heard a baby being born in?

Image via Micheal Melchiorre/Flickr

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paren... parentalrights1

It's not unheard of that a woman in labor would think she really had to poop like that. Even if she knows she's in labor, she also can feel like it's a big case of the trots and if she feels like she's about to explode, she's gonna wanna stop and go lol.

dee31087 dee31087

At that point I would have been more focused on getting to the hospital. Worse comes to worse u crap urself n get cleaned up after.. I would never take the chance of pushing into a "hole" while in labor!

soranea soranea

that's crazy.  I can totally relate to just feeling like you have to poop (I made that mistake with my first), but wouldn't you feel that something was coming out your vagina instead of your butt?  lol

Jaime Swift Sundin

Best thing ive read ha ha ha, shit happens and in this case a baby happened.  I heard a story of woman giving birth in a hospital toilet and then a few years went by and she gave birth on the hospital lawn didnt make it in time.  Funny thing is she was so mortified about giving birth on the lawn when the doctor mentioned a lady gave birth in the hospital toilet a few years back to make her feel better about giving birth on the lawn well he didnt know she was the same lady that gave birth in their toilet ha ha ha poor woman.

Shirley de la Fuente

If she was on her way to the hospital, she knew she was in labor. What in the world would possess her to stop to poop??? I would not be pushing out ANYTHING until i was at the hospital.

Joan Neville Buffa

when i was in labor i told the nurse i had to go and she said o it's just pressure hon, a few minutes later i said i think you have to clean up some pressure  lol   i feel totally bad and grossed out that the Chinese people have to use holes, that's pretty disgusting.  they should build toidies instead of nukes.

nikol... nikolita87

I think it needs to be made more clear to first time moms that labor pains are very similar to feeling like you have to poop something fierce!  Before I had my son, people warned me about pain and pressure but it wasn't as if it was completely unlike anything I've felt before. 

deadl... deadlights86

Lol Joan I had the same exact problem.

Lesli... Lesliemom2mzjm

I totally agree about teaching 1st time moms what it feels like.  I didn't know with my first baby that it REALLY DOES feel like you are trying to take a giant dump :) (I'm not normally that crude), but it's what it feels like.  That was my longest labor.  With my other 3, I realized I needed to push like I was going to make a bm (whether I did as I was pushing, I never asked), but those labors were MUCH faster.  One of my babies was 10lbs 12 oz and even HE was way easier than my 1st 8lb 8oz baby.  

I can't imagine having toilets like pits in the ground.  I think out west, like AZ or NM, there are some rest stops like that.  I refused to use them when I was a teen.  Yes, I would have crapped my pants and gone on to the hospital rather than stop.

emily4.5 emily4.5

To the previous posters- this wasn't her first baby.

What I really want to know is, did the placenta get ripped out of her when the baby fell or was the pit shallow enough that the cord stayed intact while waiting for help? Just curious...

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