Story Behind Beyonce's Baby Name Will Move You (VIDEO)

pregnant beyonceWhat you're about to watch is amazing for so many reasons. One, it's an adorable home video of a pregnant Beyonce on vacation. Two, it shows pregnant Beyonce's pregnant belly, so all the muckrakers can pipe down. And three, it's a video of Beyonce literally stumbling upon a gorgeous, towering Blue Ivy tree in a forest in Croatia. Seriously. You can't make this stuff up. This is truly the kind of thing that only happens to rich people. The farthest I've traveled during my pregnancy has been Queens. But enough about me. Let's watch the angelic-looking Beyonce get acquainted with the tree that may or may not have inspired her daughter's name.


With her white outfit, bare feet, wild hair, and cuddling up to a tree that looks like it's CGI, Beyonce literally looks like a faerie in this video. Stunning. I'm seriously not going to look in the mirror the rest of the day. It just doesn't seem right. 

Now, it doesn't sound like this horticultural encounter was necessarily the inspiration for her daughter's name, as she says, "I think it's Blue Ivy, which would be quite appropriate," but this little snippet does serve as a reminder that baby name inspiration can come from anywhere. Odds are, most of us aren't going to be frolicking in an enchanted forest like Bey, but we should definitely look beyond the Internet, baby books, and Us Weekly when trying to think of a name. Take a walk around your block, keep your eyes peeled in the supermarket, pay attention to the credits at the end of a movie -- who knows what you'll find!

How did you come up with your baby name?

Image via Vimeo

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