Drew Barrymore Reveals a Baby Bump... We Hope! (VIDEO)

drew barrymoreThe Drew Barrymore pregnancy rumors intensify! She was seen yesterday in a semi-sheer t-shirt that seemed to reveal a baby bump. Is Drew pregnant? Just a few weeks ago we heard she left a doctor's office holding a sonogram (squee!). And now here she is, sporting a little somethin' somethin' there around the belly area.

The timing sure is right. She's engaged to Will Koperman. And going by the size of that belly, relative to the circumference of those slim arms... hold on, let me get my calipers. I'd say she's about four months along. Hey, I'm no expert, just a total guess.


ISN'T THIS SICK?!? We do this every time! We hear the rumors, we scan the pictures. I mean, seriously. Here I am, leaning up close to my screen, going "yup, that's what my belly looked like around four months. Wonder if she had morning sickness?"

But any woman who's ever been pregnant just can't help relating just a little bit to that early transition stage, when you look like you're either putting on a few pounds, or you're pregnant. And when you see it on other women (who are in a stable relationship and were planning to have a child all along) you're always hoping it's a pregnancy and not irritable bowel syndrome or a sudden obsession with mocha frappes. I can't see Drew suddenly putting on belly fat like that, considering how she's usually so fit.

Anyway, Drew and Will are STILL keeping mum, so we'll just have to wait until they're ready to share the big news!

Do you think Drew is pregnant, and if so, how far along would you guess she is?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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