Amazing Women Pose Nude to Raise Money for Miscarriage Awareness

nude sculptureHow do you deal with a miscarriage? As someone fortunate enough never to have gone through such a thing, I honestly can't answer that. I can only guess that I'd be quiet and reserved and not want to talk about it a heck of a lot, as this is how I've dealt with other traumatizing situations in life, such as the death of my mother.

I know women who have had miscarriages, though -- a few, actually -- and they've all handled the situation differently. One didn't want to talk about at all. Another went the opposite route and wanted to talk about it all the time. And another woman I know only found solace in an online support group. They all, bravely and admirably, dealt with it in their own private way, and I genuinely applaud and admire them.

None of the women I know, though, boldly decided to pose nude in a calendar to raise money for a miscarriage charity. That's pretty unbelievable.


Catherine Nicholson's world was turned upside down when she lost her twins just nine weeks into pregnancy. “It was horrible," she says. "No one knows quite what to say, whether to talk about it or not to say anything." But shortly after the awful ordeal, she found solace in The Miscarriage Association Facebook Group, a support group from other women who have been through the same experience. After joining, she said that her "world started to get better day by day."

Catherine found so much solace from the group, in fact, that she actually agreed to pose nude as Miss June in a calendar to raise money and awareness for the Miscarriage Association. She said, “I am not quite sure how the idea for a calendar started. We were just joking around about it then one of them finally decided we were actually going to do this.”

About 15 women are planning on taking part in the project, and each will don a temporary tattoo of little butterflies on their arms to indicate the number of children they have lost.

Wow. Talk about bravery. I really can't express how amazed I am at these women's strength, and their commitment to raising money for the cause. Surely, it will make other women -- women who don't necessarily want to talk about everything -- feel like they're not alone. And how can you not admire that?

If you want to donate to the cause, check out Catherine's fundraising page.

How amazing are these ladies?


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