Pregnancy Increases Heart Attack Risk -- Let's All Freak Out!

pregnant bellyAttention all pregnant women: Your pregnancy is going to kill you. Via heart attack. Maybe. Possibly. Okay, probably not.

A new study that's sweeping the Internet by storm is blathering on about how the odds of you having a heart attack are higher when you're pregnant than when you're not pregnant due to delightful things like hormonal changes, increased blood volume, and "other physiological changes." Oh, and these gestational heart attacks are apparently more severe than the "regular" ones, and the death rate is higher than what is expected of non-preggos of the same age.

Uplifting! Also ... totally unnecessary. The "statistics" are kind of a crock.

I don't mean a crock in the sense that these super smart people with way bigger brains than I got the numbers wrong per se, I mean a crock in the sense that this study is getting people -- especially people of the pregnant variety -- up in a tizzy for no reason. These odds this study speak of are really low. The odds of a pregnant woman having a heart attack are only three to four times higher than that of a non-pregnant woman. That comes out to about 1 in every 16,000 deliveries. But put the words "heart attack" and "pregnant" in a study, and the sky is sure to fall.

By no means am I trying to diminish the seriousness of having a heart attack while you're pregnant. I think it goes without saying that that's a pretty big deal. But to come out with a "study" on this and to attach sensational headlines to it, etc. -- it just doesn't seem necessary. Pregnant women are fragile enough as is, and we've already got tons o' concerns on our mind. (You don't want to see our Google history.) We could do without one more. Especially when that one more seems to be blowing things out of context. A simple chat with our doctors or a print out from the nurses would have sufficed just fine.

Do you think this study is being blown out of proportion?

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Jadem... Jademom07

We aren't fragile, just pregnant. O think any pregnant woman that takes the time to learn about the changes on her body will realize that when you increase the about of blood on the body, you increase the amount of work the heart does.

Our bodies were made to carry babies. They were not designed to deal with all the ' junk' we put in them. So, when we get pregnant the heart is already strained by the effects of the junk. Its a simple matter of being healthy or not rather than being pregnant.

FebPe... FebPenguins

Lets all stop having babies, b/c we might die!! Lets stop driving our cars, eating, flying, breathing. Everything has it's risks.


krazed79 krazed79

Geez....that Duggar lady must really be playing with fire then.  This is silly.

jessi... jessicasmom1

well stop having babies then ... I Don't get this

Carrie Holley Simpson

At thirty four I had my first child. I was strong and healthy. I pushed myself in my career and worked up to the day I gave birth because she came early. Like all women I felt good and did what I wanted. Two months later I had a heart attack related to my pregnancy. I agree there should not be panic and doctors should tell you, BUT did yours? I had a perfectly healthy and easy pregnancy and birth and not once did anyone say you have a small risk of having a heart attack. They never said to take it easy because I might break. Or not to pick up the carrier and strain my heart. Being educated is smart. I still want to have another baby and saying that because reports say so that I won't is as stupid as causing panic. I believe that most women are smart enough to get all the facts and make a decision on their own. Yes, I would have done things differently if I had known, but I would not have crawled up in a hole afraid.

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