January Jones' Post-Pregnancy Energy Booster Is Bizarre

january jonesJanuary Jones is the latest celebrity mom to get on board the placenta eating bandwagon, but somehow I just can't get past being freaked out about ingesting something that I pushed out during birth. Isn't that sort of contradictory or something? If the placenta is so beneficial to the mother, then I don't understand why it doesn't stay "in there" for a little while after birth.

There are plenty of people, however, who very strongly believe that ingesting the placenta is incredibly healthy and nourishing to new moms. Even January admits having higher energy since taking the placenta plunge, but she was hesitant to physically eat it, which is probably why she went with the alternative method of taking it in pill form instead.


Hmm. Consuming your placenta by swallowing capsules instead of eating it raw certainly eliminates some of the "ick" factor, but it still doesn't change the fact that you are taking in something you expelled during delivery of your baby. For me, it really doesn't make the process seem any less -- well, weird.

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But I can't help but wonder if I'd feel differently and be more on board with placenta ingesting if I'd had a flawless labor and delivery with my son. I spiked a high fever right before I had him, so as soon as the afterbirth came out, they sent my placenta off to the lab to be tested. Snacking on it simply wasn't an option.

Things turned out fine and the fever was likely due to the stress of being in labor for a long period of time, but nonetheless, I'm glad I didn't have to choose whether or not to eat my placenta. Because odds are good that I would've gagged right then and there and looked at the nurse like she had two heads. You just didn't hear about this practice (or anything like it) six years ago. (Or if it did exist, it wasn't mainstream enough that people were openly talking about it.)

I guess this begs the question of whether or not I'd actually consider placenta encapsulation if I were to have another baby. Hmm. Yeah, my answer is still no, but that's only my opinion for myself. For January Jones and other moms who believe placenta eating is beneficial, I say more power to them. If moms want to eat their placentas, then they should definitely go for it. To each his own, right?

Are you planning on ingesting your placenta, either raw or in capsule form?


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