5 Ways My Dog Has Prepared Me for Motherhood

cutest dog in the worldI know. I know. I knooow. Pets are totally different than babies. Shouldn't even be compared. Worlds apart. Just because you're a good dog mom, doesn't mean you'll make a good baby mom. I know. I've heard all the comments, opinions, and concerns, which are often punctuated with a guffaw of some sort. Message received.

However. Despite all the words of encouragement, I genuinely think that there are some ways in which my dog has prepared me for motherhood. Just a little bit. And here are those five ways, friends.


You can't go out all night when you have a dog. Shortly after my husband and I got our dog, we realized, "Oh, shit. We're on kind of a time constraint now." There was no going to the beach, then lunch, then the movies, then dinner. We had to make sure we came home in between to feed, walk, and love on our little guy.

My dog barked bloody murder throughout the entire night for the first month we had him. I am yet to meet a person who can completely relate to this, as my pup is apparently a special one, but as soon as we placed our shih-tzu in his crate to go night-nights, he began yelping. And he didn't stop. Even for a second. It was a hellish 30 days, and we were extremely scant on sleep, but we made it through, and we're tougher for it (not really).

Dogs cost money. Who knew?! Vet trips, leashes, food, groomer appointments -- the expenses add up. As I imagine the baby ones will, too. On a much grander scale.

Our dog taught us responsibility. Before our pup, it was all us, all the time. Then, after he came into the picture, we learned a little responsibility, found out what it was like to take care of another living thing. And although it was a lot of work, it actually felt good. Obvious connection.

Going out of town isn't so easy. Bringing your dog on a flight (and having him claw his way out of his travel bag -- true story!), or asking someone else to watch him, is kind of a lot. With the former, you're stressed about how he's going to handle things and nervous that everyone on the flight will hate you if he barks, and with the former, well, it's a big thing to ask someone. Same thing with babies.

Right? Please tell me I'm right. Just a little. I mean, I totally get that kids are way more work -- and we can't put them in crates -- but there's a little bit of a connection there. Has to be.

Did your pet prepare you for parenthood at all?

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber


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