10 Funny Ways To Announce A 'Surprise' Pregnancy

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It’s one thing to announce your pregnancy when you have meticulously planned and prayed for a child. Everyone is waiting patiently for the big announcement and when it finally comes, it warrants nothing less than a ticker tape parade.

When you get pregnant unexpectedly; as a teenager, being unwed, having sworn to anyone who will listen that you were DONE, or worse falling into the advanced maternal age category, it can be a completely different story.

It may feel a bit more anxiety ridden because, though it may be the greatest unexpected blessing to ever come into your life, you fear what others reactions might be. I’ve come up with a few ways to break the news to unsuspecting friends and family members.

  1. Wear a t-shirt to a family BBQ that reads, “Oops, We did it again!”
  2. Change your profile photo on your Facebook wall to your sonogram photo with the caption, “Surprise! Baby #3 coming this fall!”
  3. Photo Bomb the next group family photo by holding up a sign that says, “We’re pregnant again!” No one will be the wiser until the proofs come back.
  4. Have your husband/boyfriend tell his parents by himself, so you don’t have to see their initial reaction. (This also works for announcing your engagement to your Mother-in-law after only dating for four months.)
  5. Take a photo of your positive pregnancy test and text it to your entire list of family and friends. They will be notified and you won’t have to hear any stupid comments or see any eye rolls.
  6. Mail sonogram photos to your family with the caption, “ Guess what?”
  7. At your youngest birthday 5Th birthday party, have her open a present that is a t-shirt that says, “I’m the Big Sister!” and have her hold it up high to show everyone. See how long it takes for everyone to figure it out.
  8. Send Christmas cards with your baby bump on it that says, " A Great Joy is Coming!"
  9. At Thanksgiving dinner, have everyone go around the dinner table and when it gets to your husband have him say how very thankful he is for this latest blessing that has come into your family’s life, a new addition. It will set the tone for the entire rest of the family.
  10. Have your husband/boyfriend send a card with a photo on the front of you with your head in the toilet that reads, "Mary Jo has a problem." People will think you have an eating disorder and be really worried. On the inside the card should say, "Morning sickness." Everyone will be relieved that you are not "sick".

The bottom line is that a baby is a blessing, whether they are expected or unexpected and people should react in kind. Anyone who gives an eye roll or snide remark should get a throat punch.

How did you announce your pregnancy?


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nonmember avatar Brooke

My MIL has predicted both of my pregnancies and always knows before we even tell her, even from 900 miles away. She even knew the exact car I bought before we even told anyone we got it! She says my next pregnancy will be twins....eek!!!

Melis... Melissa042807

We just kinda straightforward told people. Both our moms stinkin' chomp at the bit to start sharing the news so we just have to tell our friends and families as fast as we can so they leave us the heck alone! LOL

the4m... the4mutts

I waited till I started showing, and could tell that people were looking at me like.. "hmm, fat, or pregnant?"

MyMommy MyMommy

I put it on Facebook too...lol...this baby was a bigger shock then any of of children and it's baby number 5...so we knew there would be lots of eye rolling and snarky remarks we didn't want to see or hear

paren... parentalrights1

I think the best thing to do as a grown adult is tell anyone who gives a disrespectful reaction the finger. It's none of their business if you grow a family.

Kim Kajdasz

I bought my mom a photo album that says "happiness is being a grandma," and put my 6-week ultrasound pic inside, and gave it to her for Mother's Day.

buffa... buffalove23

These are super cute ideas!

momto... momtolittleg

We gave my FIL a father's day card addressed to "An out of this world Grandpa".  He got it immediately.

For my folks, they had been taking care of our dog for us, and when we went to pick her up we gave them a little thank- you gift: a pretty "Grandparents" photo frame (they always called our pets "the grandkids".  The photo was a pic of the pregnancy test.  It took a while for my mom to get it.  My stepdad got it immediately but I could tell he just wanted to see how long it would take my mom.

If we ever had another one (which we are NOT), we'd go the "big sister" t-shirt route.

Necie72 Necie72

My best friend did the Big Sister t-shirt to a family outing...  My cousin had their little girl hold up a card in the Christmas card photos.  I'll be trying for #2 soon, so I'm thinking of how to announce it...  I like the photo frame with the ultrasound idea...  Or having DD wear a shirt...

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