Stuff on My Baby Registry I Really Didn't Need (And Neither Do You)

baby showerCreating a baby registry is supposed to be helpful, right? The whole point of a registry is to make life less stressful for new parents by making sure they're all stocked up on infant essentials well before the little one arrives. Or so I thought, until I was pregnant with my first baby. That's when I discovered how very stressful the process of picking and choosing the perfect items for your unborn child can be. 

Seems like every mom you meet has another "must-have" for the list:

"Make sure you register for a travel crib! That thing saved my life!" "Oh my god, I would have gone crazy with that vibrating bouncy seat. Do you have one on your registry?"

By the time my baby shower rolled around, I was convinced my future success as a mother depended on what I would find when I ripped all the pink bows and pastel wrapping paper off those boxes. Please, please let there be a bouncy seat!!

Then my daughter was born. And guess what?


The only thing that really did turn out to be a "must-have" was my nursing pillow. Now that truly was a life-saver!

So if you're driving yourself bonkers trying to create the perfect baby registry, relax. Take a deep breath, pick up a pen, and cross the following items off your list of baby "essentials." (Or at least don't worry too much about whether or not you get them.)

1. Wipes warmer

2. Diaper stacker

3. Changing table

4. Steam sterilizer

5. Baby bath tub

6. Diaper pails

7. Fancy crib bedding

8. Burping cloths

9. Glider/Upholstered rocking chair

10. Drying rack for bottles

Having second thoughts about any of the above?

What's on your baby registry?


Image via Jessica Merz/Flickr

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