23 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Congrats! Now, allow me to insult you...
In the grand scheme of things, pregnancy is awesome. You're growing a brand new life inside of you; you have an approximate date of when your world will be forever changed; and you have silly realizations, like -- "Holy crap, I'm yet to meet one of the most important people in my life." But ... it's not so easy to keep a "grand scheme" kind of perspective on a day-to-day basis. Pregnancy can be tough. And some people, God bless 'em, make it tougher just by opening their pie holes. Of course they don't mean to irritate anybody with the things they say, but, well, let's be honest, it isn't that difficult to irritate a pregnant woman.

We know you don't mean any harm, but just to be safe, here are 23 things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

1. "Oh my God, I feel so fat today. I'm wearing my size 4s instead of my 2s."

2. "Is it just me or is this drink really strong? Taste -- oops, sorry."

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3. "Ahhhhh, I had the best sleep last night."

4. "I'm thinking sushi for dinner."

5. "I'm thinking deli for lunch."

6. "Let's take the stairs."

7. "Let's walk."

8. "I can't believe bathing suit season is right around the corner. Ack!"

9. "Hey, can you help me move this Saturday?"

10. "Did you see how quickly Jessica Alba got her pre-baby body back?"

11. "Oh my God, you should totally come with us tonight -- you don't mind being a designated driver, right?"

12. "I actually think the extra weight suits you."

13. "Bad day? Nothing a piping hot shower can't fix."

14. "Bad day? Nothing a glass of wine can't fix."

15. "Are you having twins?"

16. "My friend's baby died in the last week of pregnancy."

17. "My friend had her baby in the car on the way to the hospital."

18. "I hope the baby looks like her daddy!"

19. "Who is the daddy?"

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20. "You say you don't want an epidural now, but wait until you're in labor -- excruciating!"

21. "You're getting an epidural? Interesting."

22. (While you're eating) "Nom, nom, nom ..."

23. "You're tired now? Wait 'til the baby's born!"

What rude things did people say to you when you were pregnant?


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femal... femaleMIKE

My cousin had a huge coed baby shower. I assumed the father was at the baby shower. So I wanted to ask "which one is your boyfriend ", what came out was "who is the babys father".  She pointed him out.  It felt rude to me. 

In the world of political correctness, i feel like I shouldn't have asked.

Melis... Melissa042807

My husband sometimes makes the "I feel sooooo fat today" comment if he's bloated. I laugh, point at my currently huge belly, and say "Don't talk to me about fat, dude!" 

Monica Entinger

I had a friend put her foot right in it this past weekend (I'm 7.5 months along). She said "Wow your belly is getting so big!" This was fine with me and I responded with "Yep, the baby is growing well!" The open-mouth-insert-foot moment came when she stated. "Yeah, you're getting fat, but it's all good fat!" *facepalm* My answer: "It's not FAT, it's BABY." I wasn't really offended because she means well and doesn't know much about pregnancy, but still, one of the more awkward comments I've recieved.

ThatT... ThatTattooedMom

if I had a dollar for every person that said oh wait til you have the baby, no sleep for you....ugh id be rich

Katie... Katie1025

Number 23 was my number 1 pet peeve. Especially coming from people with no kids. Everytime I heard it, I wanted to scream STFU!!!!!

Sabri... SabrinaMBowen

I hate these posts! If you're so sensative that you can't handle this stuff, you shouldn't have kids.

butte... butterflyfreak

I know, right Sabrina? I mean, if women were really this sensitive, I don't think the human race would have made it this far.

I probably heard most, if not all of these at some point during my pregnancy. Never bothered me. But then I keep my standards of expectation low when dealing with the general public. After all, you can't fix stupid!

kebates kebates

Number 23... just because I will be tired when the baby gets here doesn't mean I can't be tired now. 

Susan Kissman

Oh! Was this one planned? Don't you know how babies happen? You need a hobby. (yhis was for baby number 3 & 4)

Heath... HeatherMQ

A few weeks ago my MIL said "Wow, you are putting on a lot of weight!" I was 25 weeks with my 3rd and lost 10 lbs so far. Thanks MIL! =-/

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