New 'Belly Armor' Is Good News for Laptop Addicted Moms

Um -- did you know that your laptop can be unsafe for your growing baby while you are pregnant? Because I had no idea. I always knew that you weren't supposed to stand in front of the microwave or have an x-ray or anything like that, but I had no idea that the simple act of trying to do your job each day or update your Facebook status could actually harm your baby. Isn't anything safe anymore? Good grief!

It turns out that you may be unknowingly exposing your bun in the oven to radiation if you are doing your typing with your computer in your lap. And considering how many of us have laptops these days, odds are good that there are plenty of women who aren't aware that they may be using something that can potentially harm their baby.


Luckily, there is this new product out that can help ensure that you can still safely use your laptop while pregnant. It's called the Belly Armor Blanket (isn't that a cute name?), and it's basically a blanket that you drape over your baby bump while you are typing away on your laptop. It kind of reminds me of that thing they lay over you when you have an x-ray taken. It's made of a material called RadiaShield, which acts as a barrier to harmful radiation waves. Pretty cool, huh?

The Belly Armor blankets retail from $69 to $109, and they are actually pretty cute and stylish, so you won't feel like you're in a hospital having some sort of medical scan while using one. And if the blanket just isn't your thing, the company also makes armor T-shirts and a Belly Band that goes over your mid-section.

How great are these products? I love that they have three different options to fit each woman's comfort level. I definitely would've bought at least one or two of these Belly Armor products while I was pregnant had I known about them -- and had I realized that laptops are potentially as bad as microwaves. Keeping my baby safe definitely would've been worth the investment!

Have you worried about radiation exposure during your pregnancy?


Image via Pardee Ave./Flickr

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