Snooki SHOULD Go to the Club While Pregnant (VIDEO)

snookiNot sure if we've mentioned it yet here on The Stir, but Snooki's pregnant. That's right. Snooki's pregnant, Snooki's pregnant, Snooki's pregnant. And since you've most likely heard about this gem of gossip ad nauseum, I know what you're probably thinking right now: Blarg, another article about Snooki and her fist-pumping fetus? What else could there possibly be left to learn about this? Answer: Everything.

Okay, not everything, but at the very least, one thing. Did you know that Snooki thinks that "being one of those moms who's pregnant in the club" is "disgusting"? And did you know that, for the first time as usual, I disagree with her?

Life doesn't stop because you're pregnant. And, please, understand, dear readers, that I am not saying that Snooki -- or anybody -- should continue to go out and party every night in spite of being pregnant if that was their "life" before. That wouldn't be smart. But I am saying that, sometimes, we've gotta be "the mom who's pregnant in the club."

Take last night, for instance. After work, a bunch of my co-workers were going out for drinks to celebrate some good news for a colleague -- and I wanted to go to share in the merriment. So, I went.

Did I look ... eye-catching rocking a nearly-eight-month baby bump in a sweaty, rowdy sports bar? Yeah, I'm sure I did. Trips to the bathroom were often met with double-takes. But I certainly don't think what I was doing was "disgusting." I was sitting there, sipping on water, talking with my co-workers. No harm, no foul. If I were dancing on the bar in seven-inch stilettos with an ambiguous-looking cocktail, it'd be another story. But I wasn't. I was just hanging out with friends.

There's going to be birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. that come up while you're pregnant. And you shouldn't sit them out because you "feel weird" -- even if said events are in a bar or a club. Just be responsible. Nine months is a long time, ladies. Do you really want to sit on your couch that long?

Check out a video on Snooki's pregnancy:

Did you/do you "go out" while pregnant?


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Melis... Melissa042807

Dude, I barely feel like going out when I'm pregnant! By 9:00 at night I'm ready to sack out on the couch in my pajamas and doze while watching episodes of White Collar on Netflix! I'm exhausted, I'm sore and crampy, I have heartburn...even if I wanted to "go out", it wouldn't be happening. 

buffa... buffalove23

If snooki went out you would be freaking out. So please don't pretend that you think she's being dumb by not wanting to go out.

kayga... kaygarcia97

No. I was scared of people...drunk, rowdy people bumping into me or pushing me. The club? No thank you. I think Snooki is smart to stay out if the club pregnant

Mrscj... Mrscjones

I didn't/do go out clubbing while pregnant. I actually agree with Snooki on that one. When I see pregnant women in the club waddling around complaining about the smoke how crowded the fact they can't drink or having to sit cause ur feet is swelling I just wonder my they couldn't wait until they dropped the extra person at least they'll have fun.

nonmember avatar Shannon

I went out to bars with my husband and work friends while I was pregnant, up until a few weeks before my due date. I had a great time, and everyone appreciated having a built-in designated driver when I came out with them. I drank cherry Cokes and danced and enjoyed the last few months that I could stay out late without a babysitter. I didn't go to clubs because they're so crowded and I didn't feel like getting knocked over by a drunk frat guy.

MomLi... MomLily67

She has "out clubed" her self finally!!  for her it is not OK to do it while pregnant becuase she has lived in clubs for a long time. Good for her to make this wise decision. But I don't think it's a no-no. IF you are going to a healthy pregnancy and don't mind bumping into people, sure, go out and have a great time.

dirti... dirtiekittie

damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. how unfortunate.

that said, i did go out when i was pregnant with my kids. not drinking and dancing all hours of the night mind you, but if my friends wanted a night out, i would oblige. they're a fun group and i didn't mind being the DD as long as they didn't mind ending their night at 10pm! lol

femal... femaleMIKE

If I wasn't showing yet, I would go.


MamaM... MamaMandee

I did go out and do stuff with friends but no I wasn't out clubbing.

Madel... Madelaine

I think she should go and have fun!

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