Mom Breaks Baby Name Rule for Best Reason (VIDEO)

baseball fieldWhen it comes to naming a baby, there are certain rules everyone should follow. Like number 15: Thou shall not be swayed by that fanatic sports fan in you -- or your partner. However, one mom in Florida, who recently broke that rule big time when she named her son McKechnie after a ball field, gets a pass, kudos even.

You see little McKechnie K'Marion Brand was born AT McKechnie Field during spring training exercises for the Pittsburgh Pirates last week  He was even delivered by director of Florida operations for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Trevor Gooby. No pressure, but if ever there was a kid born to play ball, here he is.


According to Patch, season ticket hold Latisha Kirk was still five and a half weeks away from her due date when she headed out to the field that day for a celebratory event. She started to feel some contractions but brushed them off as Braxton Hicks and went and got a cheeseburger.

Then the contractions got stronger. As she started walking, it became clear she was in actual labor and alerted someone that she needed help. That's when Gooby, a father of two, dialed 911, put her in a wheelchair, and took her to meet the ambulance.

Only it was too late. As he told

She pushed one time and the baby was out. We wrapped the baby up in towels. He was crying and EMS arrived a couple of minutes later and cut the umbilical cord. I told her my name is Trevor and it makes a great name.

What a birth story that is, and I think McKechnie has a nice ring to it. It's certainly better than the name he could have gotten had he been born at another stadium like Minute Maid Park or Safeco Field. I'd say this is a perfect of example of why rules are made to be broken.

Would you name your baby after the place he or she was born? What do you think of the name McKechnie?

Image via raisethejollyroger dot com/Flickr

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