Celebrities Use Maternity Concierges for the Silliest Things

Just when we thought the lives of pregnant celebrities couldn't get any more cush -- a new trend has emerged as far as getting ready to welcome a new baby goes. Have you ever heard of something called a "maternity concierge"? Yeah -- I hadn't either until today. Apparently a maternity concierge is someone who caters to a celebrity mom's every whim when she is preparing to welcome a new baby. (Wait a minute -- isn't that supposed to be the husband's job?)

From getting the fancy birthing suite all set up to making a pre-delivery appointment for a bikini wax (yikes!), these concierges pretty much do it all. They almost sound like wedding or party planners or something like that. Having a baby qualifies as a party, right? And considering just how much preparation is involved with getting ready to welcome a new baby, these concierges really do sound like a dream come true.


Regular moms-to-be, however, would have much more practical uses for them besides making spa appointments. In addition to the standard things that every new mom wishes for like having someone to clean the house from top to bottom each day, do all of the grocery shopping, prepare all of the meals, and tidy up the kitchen afterwards, there are a few other services that would be in high demand.

Baby Gift Registration: If I ever decided to do the whole pregnancy thing again, I would absolutely think about hiring someone to go down to Babies R' Us or Target and register for all of my gifts for me. Walking up and down the aisles of the store with my enormous belly and that stupid radar gun and not having the slightest clue as to what items I would actually need and use after my son arrived completely stressed me out and made me cranky. Having someone take care of that for me would've been beyond appreciated.

Newborn Laundry & Drawer Organization: Hiring someone to come in and wash all of the clothes for the new baby in dye-free detergent, and then fold and put all of them away and organize the drawers by color and size would be ah-mazing. I gave up on having any of my son's stuff in order after about my seventh month. I kept waiting on the laundry and organization fairy, but she never showed up.

Shampoo Girl: Forget the salon blowouts -- how great would it be to have your very own personal shampoo girl (or boy) to wash your hair, massage your scalp, and then blow it out and style it so that you didn't have to stand there in your bathroom holding the hairdryer over your head every day? What pregnant gal wouldn't love that?

Chauffeur: As my belly got bigger and bigger during my last trimester, driving became more and more uncomfortable for me. I'm sure that there are plenty of pregnant women who would pay to have someone drive them to and from work, or doctor's appointments, or just to run errands in general. Oh -- and it would be great if they could carry all of the shopping bags too.

Would you hire a maternity concierge, and what would you want to use them for?


Image via Stephen Cummings/Flickr

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