When Will You Start to Feel the Baby Move?

feeling the baby move

Photo by Peajewel

Have you felt your baby move yet? It's one of the most amazing parts of pregnancy, and it makes everything feel a whole lot less theoretical and a lot more real. He's in there moving around inside you -- WOW! Here's when you can expect the antics to begin, and what moms around here have to say about it.


While the first and third trimester often get all of the glory -- you're newly pregnant! you're about to deliver! -- the baby moving for the first time is one big thing the middle trimester has going for it. When exactly you'll feel your baby start to move differs with each woman and even each pregnancy, but typically movement you can feel (called "quickening") begins between 16 - 25 weeks.

bizzymom06 asked moms in Pregnancy when they felt movement for the first time -- several first-time moms reported between 18 - 20 weeks (that was true for me, too), while second-time mamas said it was earlier.

Kate613 wondered what it feels like when the baby moves -- she's pregnant with her first and said she felt something she described as tiny bubbles popping inside. Moms said they thought that sounded accurate -- small "fluttering" was another way women described feeling the first movements.

What about you? Have you felt the baby move yet? How would you describe it?

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