Embarrassing Pregnancy Stories Will Make You Laugh (VIDEO)

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Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time in a woman's life -- but it also has the potential to bring some pretty unexpected and often embarrassing moments, that's for sure! The body definitely just kind of takes over during those nine months, and often we tend to have either very odd symptoms, or certain "urges" that pop out at the most inopportune moments.

A few women who were blessed with great senses of humor weren't afraid to share their embarrassing pregnancy stories with the hosts of The Doctors -- even though a couple of them involved pretty gross bodily functions!

Check out the video clip below to hear what these brave gals had to say. (Warning: you may never eat a Subway sandwich again).

Still want that footlong for lunch? I didn't think so. And can you believe that one woman who put a steak on top of her waffles? That combination makes me gag little just thinking about the syrup and steak sauce mixing together. (Blech)!

I don't know if I'd be quite brave enough to go on The Doctors and tell hunky Travis Stork about my most awkward pregnancy moment, because it's kind of a doozie to say the least. Of course, I'm not afraid to tell you guys.

I had a loonnnggg labor while I was having my son. And after a good 20-hours of contractions, I decided I'd had it and was ready for an epidural. The anesthesiologist walked in the room, and let's just say that he was incredibly easy on the eyes. He could tell just how exhausted I was and how much pain I was in, so he gave me a spinal block and an epidural. And it was sheer bliss. The agonizing pain immediately went away, and I felt my lower body going totally numb. I think I would've made out with that doctor in that moment if I'd had the chance, that's how good I felt.

But then as I lay there with the hot doc and about four nurses standing over my bed...a sound started to ring out from underneath the covers. It was me -- releasing a series of farts that sounded like there was an orchestra in the room or something like that. I couldn't feel 'em coming, so I couldn't suck 'em in. All I could do was lay there and pray that no one passed out from the bombs I was dropping. Not exactly the most subtle moment of my life, but totally hysterical for sure.

How about you -- have you had any funny or embarrassing things happen yet during your pregnancy?


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Desir... Desireesmom2011

Omg that just reminded me of when i was in labor. about 20 minutes after I got an epidural I told my nurse that I had to pee so she gave me a catheter but took it out after I was done and another 10 minutes went by and i told her I thought I had to go to the bathroom again and she told me that that was impossible so instead of listening to me and giving me the catheter again she just left the room. And of course 5 minutes later I looked at my mom and told her either my water just broke or I peed the bed.......My water didn't break. Also I had to just lay there in my own pee for half an hour till my daughter was finaly born after 27 hours of labor.

Allis... AllisonWD

^ This happened to me, too! "Not possible, you say?" As I am peeing EVERYWHERE.

Desir... Desireesmom2011

lol also my dad overheard that same nurse talking to another nurse about how disgusting I was for peeing everywhere and how I should have just gotten up to go to the bathroom. I'm sorry I couldn't move my legs at all and I told her I had to go but she didn't listen. I still dont know how that makes me discusting?  The next time she walked into my room I made her get me a new nurse. 

the4m... the4mutts

LoL to the author- I like your story best! That's good stuff!

Here's mine: I had an incredibly easy labor with my 4th. After 3 completely natural births, I opted for the spinal block, and epidural. But I had them ease it up at the end so I could push. The anesthesioloist was a pro, he did wonderfully.

After 2 pushes, my son was already almost out. 1 final push, his shoulder popped loose, and completely DRENCHED a poor unsuspecting nurse, standing BEHIND the dr, and to his right, with birthing fluid. It got in her mouth!!

I was mortified. But she was a lovely, understanding woman. She left, cleaned up, and congradulated me on the 30 second birth. she helped me brush my hair, go to the bathroom, and everything else. It didn't phase her a bit

Belinda Lubin

During my labor with my second son I suddenly had the urge to throw up.  There was no stopping it, and there was barely enough time to grab a basin.  I threw up all over the bed, the floor, my gown, everything.  I was so embarrassed and felt bad that the nurses had to clean it all up.   It hadn't happened during my first labor so I was completely lost as to why I would be throwing up on an empty stomach.  As it turns out, my doctor said it was a sign that I was ready to push.  So she broke down the bed and we got to pushing.  I still feel bad about it. 

Sexym... Sexymom22

@ Desireesmom, I'm sorry you got a moron for a nurse. HTH did she expect you to get up? I'm assuming you had an epidural, most hospitals won't even consider letting you get out of bed once you have had one. And if you told her you had to go she could of either gotten a bed pan, or some places put in cathters. If she choose to do neither, you peeing all over was completly beyond your control. I know because I had the same issue when I gave birth to DS, I had an epidural and I had no control over anything down there! I'm glad she wasn't my nurse because I would of called her a f**king idiot right to her face, and told her to go back to school an actually learn something.

Megankae Megankae

I was in labor, it was taking forever so the nurse hooked up pitocin (sp?) to speed it along. (I had been in labor since Friday at 2 am an it was 11 on Saturday she hooked me up, still didn't have him until 4 on Sunday AFTERNOON) anyway about 30 minutes after she hooked me up I realize I have to poop. My mom called the nurse in and I told her. She tried for a good 5 minutes to convince me "you just THINK you have to go, it's the medication."

Thank god I didn't listen and I told her she can help me get in there or not, I'm going. And i proceeded to take the biggest shit of my life. I would have been mortified if I had done it while pushing my son out.

Plus the look on that bitches face was so worth having to poop infront of people.

Ari. Ari.

Bahahahahahaha... I wanted to poop during labor during my second because the doctor and nurse were such pricks telling me I shouldn't be so tired and whiney after being in labor for 28 hours. The nurse also said that here labor wasn't so painful and her baby just popped right out so I shouldn't moan so loud. Whatever, as nasty as they were, nothing was going to ruin my day.

Karmi... KarmicChild

Aside from one, nearly undetectable fart, my daughter's birth happened without any embarrassing or hilarious moments.  Well, except when my very excited husband informed my family in the waiting room: "She's already dilated 10 INCHES!"  LOL

Now, my nephew's birth on the other hand...

The doctor kept teasing my sister (in a kind-hearted way) about the dinner he was going to after the delivery, as he knew she had not had anything to eat for a while.  He kept going on and on about the steak, and the cheesecake, etc.  Well, as the saying goes, "Karma is a bitch".  As my nephew burst into the world, the amniotic fluid slapped said doctor right in his open mouth.  LOL

April... AprilJune

I had a total whiny moment during my daughter's delivery....my labour was so smooth, I had nothing to complain about! My water broke at 3AM at home, got to the hospital around 530AM, had an epidural by 830,  pushing at 1030, delivered at 11:03. But after pushing for almost half an hour (which I know is nothing compared to what many women go through), I told the nurse I needed to know how many more pushes it was going to take, or I wasn't pushing anymore. I am sure I sounded like a bratty teenager girl. Afterwards I felt so embarassed and kept apologizing. Of course she said I had been great, but honestly, she must have thought I was the biggest baby on the planet!

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