Pigging Out During Pregnancy Won't Make Your Baby Stupid

Whatever happened to the whole "eating for two" thing being ok during pregnancy? Because it seems like it's sort of a faux-pas to chow down while you're expecting these days, and that's just no fun at all.

Of course, I guess the whole over-indulgence thing can catch up with you eventually, resulting in you gaining an obscene amount of weight by your ninth month, and making it virtually impossible to easily take those pounds off after your baby arrives. In that regard, it's probably smart to try and stick to a healthier diet.

But the good news is that even if you do slip a bit and give in to your favorite food cravings during pregnancy, new research shows that pigging out won't have any effect on your baby's cognitive development or IQ. Basically, you're not going to make your baby stupid because you decided to have a few cupcakes. So you might as well just go for it.


And judging from my own personal experience with pregnancy weight gain and the level of my kid's intelligence, there must be a lot of truth in this research. I haven't been shy at all about the fact that I gained 50 pounds of extra love while I was pregnant with my son. I tried as hard as I could to stick to a healthy diet, but a few times a week, pizza and cookies just seemed to call my name.

Fifty pounds is definitely above the amount of weight that doctors recommend that you should gain, so if there were any link between a baby's intelligence and over-indulging, then my kid probably should've turned out to be a bit less bright. And not to get all braggy or anything like that, but my little guy is definitely a smart one. He loves reading and writing and has an incredible imagination, and he even speaks like a little adult -- using words like challenging, actually, and disappointed. It's pretty obvious that those cookies and pizza that I jammed down my throat on more than one occasion only altered the size of my post-baby clothes, not my little guy's IQ.

What you eat during pregnancy and how much weight you gain is pretty much dependent on how healthy your eating and exercise routine is during that time. But at least now you can rest assured that you aren't harming your baby by indulging in a cupcake or two.

Have you worried a lot about how much weight you are gaining during pregnancy?


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