What You Eat During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Baby's Sleep

pregnant woman drinking teaFollowing what we're supposed to eat during pregnancy can be really annoying. Some say you can't eat this. Others say you must eat that. And of course we can't forget the prenatal vitamins. Some of us follow every rule we hear; others ... well ... don't. But I'm fairly certain that if we're told that something we eat during our pregnancy could affect the way our baby sleeps once he or she is born, meaning it would make baby sleep better ... well ... I bet we'd eat it. 

This is revolutionary! This very study could eradicate the contentious cry it out debate. Maybe.

Can you guess what this food is?


Fish. Specifically cold water marine fish like tuna, which contains the omega-3 fatty acid DHA, says the authors of the Early Human Development study. They observed women 18 to 35 years of age who were pregnant (starting at 24 weeks) and consumed a cereal-based food containing 300mg DHA for five days a week.

Luckily if you dislike fish (like I do), DHA is in many prenatal vitamins. We just have to remember to take them, and take them each day at the 300mg as recommended by this study. They say this is critical during the third trimester -- and if you take it properly, you may have a baby who sleeps more soundly.

Obviously this probably isn't true for 100 percent of babies 100 percent of the time, but how worth it is it for the possibility?! So worth it! I took my prenatals religiously and I will admit that my twins slept very well in those early days -- sure they woke up to nurse every two hours, but they went back to sleep very soundly. If only they did a study about what pregnant women could eat to make sure that when their kids turn 2, they sleep well, aren't defiant, and never have temper tantrums. Now that's another study I would fully support!

What do you think of DHA consumption when pregnant linked to babies sleeping soundly?


Image via Marcelo Cantarela/Flickr

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