11 Signs Your Biological Clock Is Blaring

babyWhen did you become aware of the slow steady beep of your biological clock? Was it when you were just married and in your mid-20s? A time when all you knew was that you wanted to spend your life making sweet love to the beautiful man by your side. Did your biological clock go off when you were in your 30s, had hit the ceiling in your career, found the perfect partner, and wanted to share that love with a baby? Or maybe you were in your 40s, the expert in your field, had traveled the world with your devoted partner, and were ready to share all that love and wealth with a fruit of your loins? Or were you minding your own business and out of nowhere a very loud, blaring alarm went off, like a bomb, leaving you to take shelter and clamor for the snooze button?


Here are some warning signs that your biological clock may be blaring:

  • You see your hot boyfriend playing with your niece at a family function and you instantly start daydreaming about what your babies together will look like, complete with musical score and slow-mo photo montage.
  • You volunteer to babysit complete strangers' children on Saturday nights.
  • When you hear a newborn crying, your ovaries twitch.
  • Immaculate conception syndrome: Three days before your period is due, you are convinced that you are pregnant and start thinking about baby names.
  • You have started dressing your dog in baby clothes and Mimi co-sleeps with you in a side-by-side.
  • The condom breaks and you do the happy dance.
  • You think a kid throwing a tantrum at an upscale restaurant is “cute” complete with audible “Awwwww!”
  • You stumble onto one of those online mommy and me clothing line sites and you order matching Christmas outfits for you and your yet-to-be-conceived daughter, just in case.
  • You are planning a move and completely basing it on where the good schools, good "family" neighborhoods, and parks are located.
  • You find that you are having the uncontrollable urge to bathe, dress, and hand feed your husband.
  • You have lost all sense of reality and decided that you no longer need to sleep, ever again, for the rest of your life.

How did you know that you were ready to have a baby?


Image via KellBailey/Flickr

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