Most Moms Hate Their Baby's Name (But Still Love the Baby)

baby nameHere's something super disconcerting as a mother-to-be: A new online survey has shown that 54 percent of parents regret the name they gave their child. Yeah, I know. That's, like, a lot. polled over 1,000 moms and dads in the UK and found that the majority wished they had chosen a different name for their little Matildas and Henrys. Twenty-six percent said they felt the name they selected got too popular, and about half said that their child's name just doesn't fit his or her personality.

And this right here, m'friends, brings me to one of my biggest fears ...


Okay, lemme start from the beginning. I know what I'm having. A girl. And I already have the name picked out. To be completely forthcoming, my husband and I had the name picked out waaay before she was a glint in either of our eyes. It was just one of those things that popped into my head and seemed to work -- for both of us. But the closer I get to my due date, the more I find myself wondering and questioning if the name we chose will work for her.

It's a pretty name. A dainty name. A kind of quirky name. One that I presume will go best with a little girl who's sweet, and a woman who's confident and who likes being a little bit different. Basically, it's the name for my ideal child. What if this isn't the child I get, though? I don't mean "what if I don't get my ideal child?" -- I know whoever she is, she will be ideal -- I mean, what if my daughter isn't dainty and sweet, and doesn't like being different? What if she's the type of person who likes to just disappear into the crowd? Her name isn't really conducive to that. So, sometimes, I wonder if I've jumped the gun.

I know there's no comparison, but we name our pets after getting them, right? It's rare that you have a name in mind, then go out and get yourself a dog. You sort of feel them out first, see what works with their disposition, etc. But, it isn't weird to have a dog without a name for a few days. It is, however, weird to have a child without a name. To me. I know some parents do it, but that's not really my style.

So, here's to hoping that I won't be one of the 54 percent who wishes they gave their child a different name. Here's to blind faith, I guess. Here's to hoping my daughter is dainty and sweet. Just like I picture her. 

Did you name your child before they were born? Does their name fit their personality?


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