Pregnant Model Walks Runway Naked & Wows the Crowd

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pregnantOver the weekend, a pregnant model walked the runway at a show during London Fashion Week. NBD, right? We see pregnant models all the time. Who cares? Yeah, well, this one was naked as the day is long. Sorry, mostly naked. She was wearing a hat.

The model's name is Sophia Cahill; apparently she's about a month away from her due date, and not surprisingly, she looked fantastic. She was all round and curvy and glowy and confident while she strut her stuff. Gorgeous. But still. Even if I looked like Sophia Cahill while eight months pregnant, I still wouldn't strip down and walk a runway in the buff. Hell, I wouldn't strip down for anyone.

I admire the women who feel ultra-confident and uber-sexy while they're pregnant, and once in a while, I admit, I do, too. But for the most part, I'm so not into "showing off my body" at this point in my life (currently, I'm 31 weeks).

To be fair, I'm not really a show off my body kind of gal to begin with. I mean, I have no problem stripping down at the gym or hanging out in a bathing suit, but when it comes to day to day life, you won't catch me in tight-fitting clothes. Like, ever. And I'm not the biggest fan of people, you know, looking at me. So, the thought of being so ... exposed right now -- be it by wearing tight clothes, or getting professional "pregnancy photos" taken, or walking around in the nude -- couldn't be less appealing.

For whatever reason, my body feels more personal and vulnerable than ever right now. It's hard to explain, but I feel like it's just mine. My husband's, too, but mainly mine. I can't tell you how uncomfortable I would feel sitting in front of a camera for some artsy photo shoot or walking a runway naked. It's too much exposure. For the women who can do it, more power to you. You look beautiful. But it's just not my style.

Did you feel more protective of your body while you were pregnant?


Image via The 5th Ape/Flickr


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the4m... the4mutts

Nope! When I was pregnant I felt MORE beautiful and MORE open to showing my stuff. I went to nude beaches durring my pregnancy, and I loved every single second. I loved the freedom of my body, having people look at my face even though I was naked.

Fully clothed, I couldn't pull stragers eyes away from my belly. Fully naked in front of sexy europeans who were in california on vacation, I felt secure and alive.

femal... femaleMIKE

I am a prude.  I am always protective over my body.

I don't understand the point of being totally nude and walking down the runway.  All that for a hat.

nonmember avatar LC

I like having my belly out for some reason now that I'm really showing. Not in public or anything but when I'm around the house I really enjoy the feeling of having my stomach exposed. But I guess compared to that model, I'm a prude. She did look fantastic, people like me dare to even dream!

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I think, as an artistic statement, it's a great idea. You have a model with a beautiful body in a state that is full different than typical and you use it as art. Brillient. @the4mutts- i think nude beaches should be more common, there's no reason why we have to hide as much as we do. I actually find men in Speedo's more disturbing than naked men. IDK why though... 

femal... femaleMIKE

@Maevelyn, there is something really wrong about speedos.  lmao. 

nonmember avatar ele4phant

@Maeyelyn and femaleMike, I think its how it constrains and squishes everything, holding it in a weird way.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I loved being pregnant, love fashion and I am not a prude or anything but I sometimes think designers are just trying to be shocking instead of creative cause being naked and walking down a runway will actually take away from the product being sold, especially pregnant because I see no one talking about the hat.

B-Fig... B-FigNewton

I think it's awesome, and I would do it! :)

norwg... norwgnwood

I'm very disappointed in the hat. I was thinking something fun & floppy. This thing was ugly. But the model looks great! Healthy & beautiful!

Frances Hérbert

At 33 weeks myself, I feel more beautiful naked then clothed with all the clothes with elastic and spandex pushing things from up to down. making me looking like a sac of potatoes.

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