8 'Bad Doctor' Stories With Happy Endings

Pregnancy is an amazing time of blossoming and growing and changing. But it can be a very scary and confusing time for some new moms, especially moms-to-be with bad doctors. It happens.

Last week, we explored funny horror stories at the OB/GYN. But not all of them are very funny. Here are eight stories that won't make you laugh, but will make you be glad you didn't have these doctors. These eight stories of pregnancy horror highlight the importance of a second opinion.

Every one of these stories shows why it's so important for women to advocate for themselves. Here they are:

  • J's car accident horror: I got into a car accident while I was pregnant and I went into the OB hysterical, worried that something had happened to my baby. Even when I found out that she was OK, I was still on edge, and the OB -- who was someone I'd never seen before -- decided THIS was the time to tell me that I needed to have the tests done to test for abnormalities. He then informed me -- JUST after I'd learned the car accident did not damage my baby -- that I needed to do this RIGHT NOW "so I could abort." Yeah. I had no intention to do that anyway. But thanks, Dr. Jerk.
  • J's story of negligence: I had an abruption that went undiagnosed for 50 hours. During that time, I was on a drip to try to stop my labor. My blood pressure was 80/45, which the OB and nurses seemed puzzled about (umm ... I was bleeding internally for two days). After 50 hours I finally started bleeding out -- a lot. My twin boys were taken via emergency c-section at 29 weeks, 5 days. One of my boys had ingested so much blood the NICU nurse later told me she was worried they wouldn't be able to ventilate him. The twins spent 7 and 8 weeks in the NICU. Thankfully they're doing wonderfully, but their parents have been forever scarred.
  • S's near miss: I had something called placental abruption with my son. I was taken by ambulance to one hospital and was told I needed a C-section immediately. They called my OB because they wanted to get the all clear since he was going to be 6 weeks early. Her office had me transferred to another hospital with a better NICU but someone else was on call. Once I got there they said, "We are going to induce you because we don't see the abruption." (I saw it on the ultrasound at the first hospital and no U/S was done at the other hospital.) Once I delivered, the doctor said, "Oh shit ... that really was an abruption."
  • S's pre-eclampsia nightmare: My OB/GYN(s) put me on three months of bedrest for pre-eclampsia, which the maternal-fetal specialist insisted that I didn't have. So from 27 weeks it was 24 urine tests (all normal) once or twice per week; one appointment with the OB/GYN per week; one with a specialist per week, sending me at random to the hospital for high blood pressure and when I got there, the nurses couldn't figure out why I was sent in because I was normal. No one would risk anything and I got different advice/opinions/instructions depending on which doctor I saw that day. Totally infuriating. Having the c-section and the aftermath was NOTHING compared to how cheated I feel out of the last trimester of what had been a really happy/healthy pregnancy.
  • M's evil doctor: When I was pregnant with my son, I started spotting when I was like two weeks along. Had to go to the doctor and have blood work done to make sure the pregnancy was keeping. I was 8 weeks along when I finally went for my first real appointment, which included an internal. Upon examination the doctor discovers I have a polyp on the outside of my uterus. I started asking questions -- Does this need to be done now? Is it dangerous to the pregnancy? Can it wait until we are past the first trimester? He told me that miscarriage is part of a pregnancy. At that point I essentially told him to piss off and went to the front desk and made an appointment with a different doctor. The new doctor said it was totally fine. So that first doctor was willing to put my son's life at risk so as to avoid a lawsuit if he screwed something up. I went on to deliver my son, all 8 pounds, 3 ounces of him. He is perfectly healthy.
  • S's belittled birth plan: When I went into my 20-week appointment, my doctor laughed at my birth plan and said, "Everyone wants to go natural and no one does." I switched to midwives right then and there. Later, I checked her C-section rate and it was like 75 percent. One of her patients told me she barely even tried to let her labor. I was so close to delivering with her, too.
  • H's near tragedy: I was 8 weeks pregnant when my doctor told me during an ultrasound that there was no heartbeat. We scheduled the D&C and my husband I grieved and cried the whole weekend. When we came back to do it, the doctor gave me one more ultrasound. Not only was my baby fine, there were actually two babies in there. My twins are now 4, but I will never forget how close I came to not having them. If I had listened to that first doctor, they would not be here.
  • M's conclusions jumping doctor: When I called my doctor on a Friday, I was 8 weeks pregnant and bleeding profusely. She told me it was likely a miscarriage but it wasn't an emergency so I could wait until Monday. It got worse. I went to the ER and they called my doctor and she told them the same thing. At the ER, they did an ultrasound. The baby was fine, but I had a minor problem that was causing major bleeding. The baby was fine, but my doctors cavalier attitude convinced me I needed someone who did more than tell me to wait until Monday when I was bleeding.

Have you ever had any scary stories like these?


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