Kristin Cavallari's Pregnancy Cravings Sound Yummy

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Kristin Cavallari may be pregnant with her first child, but it's almost impossible to tell that she's expecting simply by looking at her. Take a closer look -- can you even spot a baby bump on this girl? She's just so tiny!

You'd think that her small frame would make it easier to see her bump, but Kristin really doesn't look much different than her days on The Hills. She's still thin, tan, blonde, and adorable. Lucky gal.

Even though she hasn't really "popped" quite yet, odds are good that Kristin will start showing fairly soon. And if a certain abnormal pregnancy craving she's having continues, then we will probably catch a glimpse of her growing belly in the very near future.

As of now, Kristin says that she's craving a lot of dairy foods, but also one not-so-healthy item that she normally does not eat -- Twix bars. Can you believe that Twix bars are actually considered weird for Kristin? I mean, they're only like the best candy ever!

I won't lie, I ate my fair share of Twix bars while I was pregnant -- along with everything else in sight. My biggest pregnancy indulgence, however, was having three to four helpings of breakfast foods per day, which were not things that I particularly enjoyed before I conceived.

On a typical day, I would grab a Nutri-Grain bar on my way out the door and eat it in the car on the way to work. Then, when I got to the office, I'd tap into my cereal stash that was hidden under my desk and scarf down a bowl or two. And about a half-hour after I finished those, I'd fix myself a bagel spread with a thick layer of cream cheese, and a tomato in between. Gee, it's a wonder that I only gained 50-pounds while carrying my son. Oh well -- maybe I should give myself a pat on the back. At least breakfast foods are better for you than candy bars.

Are you craving foods during your pregnancy that you do not normally like?


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Jmsosa Jmsosa

I have the breakfast food thing too. I usually eat three small breakfasts every morning.

nonmember avatar noob

50 pounds?!? seriously? Sorry, I can't get past that. I am expecting my first and that number terrifies me.

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

Well look at it this way. Kate hudson gained what 65 lbs I believe with her first pregnancy and look how teeny she got after. I gained 21 with my first and 28 with my second. I ate in moderation but if I craved something I didn't deny myself! Just don't over indulge on every little food out there! Enjoy it!

kayga... kaygarcia97

With my oldest my unhealthy, and odd addiction was waffles smothered in gravy. My more normal craving was stir fry lol

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

With my twins I didn't discriminate I ate literally everything in sight but I didn't gain much weight, only about 25-30 lbs. I think it was because for the first trimester with them I threw up so much that I lost almost 20 pounds. Now I am at 10 weeks with this new baby and I constantly want fresh fruit and oddly, tuna fish sandwiches lol.

nonmember avatar Jill

Everyone should continue to eat the same way they always have. If you have cravings then eat those foods. I didnt alter my diet to much or over endulge and gained 22lbs.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I gained 30 pounds with dd. I do not plan ob gaining that much this time around. At 12 weeks I have gained 4 pounds. I think I'm doing pretty all right. I don't have any weird out of the norm for me cravings, but I can't eat red meat anymore and pickels (which I usually love love love!) make me want to puke. Bleh.

suziejax suziejax


nonmember avatar Farrah

My thing was Big Mac's when I was pregnant, I don't normally eat them, but when I was pregnant I constantly craved them, no wonder I gained 70lbs during my pregnancy.

nonmember avatar Kensie

I was obsessed with oranges. That as my big craving..I didn't really want to eat them I just wanted to smell the scent of oranges. I even bought Orange scented body wash and while I was in the shower I would just smell it and loooove it! Now I'm like eww, what the heck was I thinking! Haha, funny what pregnancy does to you!

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