Susan Sarandon's Pregnancy Advice Won't Work for Everyone

susan sarandonSusan Sarandon has the answer for any women having a hard time getting pregnant -- especially those diagnosed with endometriosis: "Eat and drink and f**k and you'll probably get pregnant." Hear that, ladies? It's as simple as that.

The 65-year-old actress, who is mom to 26-year-old Eva Amurri, recently admit that her daughter was conceived on the Spanish Steps in Rome. She said that until she visited this iconic part of Italy, she had great difficulty conceiving due to endometriosis. But then one wild night, boom, it just happened. Her full quote is: "If anyone out there's having trouble getting pregnant, go to Italy. Have a summer and don't worry about it and eat and drink and ... f**k, and you'll probably get pregnant. And that's what happened with Eva on the Spanish Steps."

Sounds romantical. And so European. But, get real, getting pregnant when you have fertility issues isn't always as cut and dried as swilling some pinot noir and getting busy on set of 300-year-old stairs.


Susan was lucky. And it's great that her daughter was conceived the way she was -- it's a hell of a story. But the truth is for many other women suffering from endometriosis, or other fertility issues, it isn't that easy. And making it seem like it is, is, well, a little insensitive if you ask me.

Clearly, Sarandon knows the pains and stresses of futily trying to have a child. She's even said that it was a "devastating" experience, learning as a young woman that she might not get pregnant naturally. So, why be so flippant now? Yes, she was one of the lucky ones -- did she totally forget what it was like before her tryst on the Spanish Steps? How would she have felt if someone said something so nonchalant to her when she was in the throes of sadness, pain, and frustration? Not very good, I bet.

I'm happy that Susan Sarandon is one of the women who triumphed over endometriosis -- it's always uplifting to hear such stories. But I wish she would remember "what it was like when." Or at least be a little more sensitive when talking about it.

Have you had trouble conceiving? Do Susan Sarandon's words anger you or give you hope?


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