Mom's Mood Swings May Hurt Baby's Development: Well, Isn't That Just Dandy?!

Isn't pregnancy supposed to be the one time in your life when you really don't have to worry about being all emotional and moody? I mean, I totally used the whole "Leave me alone, I'm pregnant!" excuse whenever I lashed out at my husband for no good reason got a little bit snippy with people to justify the fact that I sounded like a complete nutcase. Was that wrong?

Pregnancy brings many forms of stress and worry, and now there is a chance that all of that stress and worry will only give you one more thing to stress and worry about. Gah!

And now a new study shows that your overall mood during pregnancy can have an effect on your baby's development!


According to researchers, having too much or too little of the cortisol hormone in your body while pregnant may be harmful to the development of your baby's brain. Cortisol is directly related to mood, so if you are feeling particularly crabby, then the levels of the hormone go up. But then it is apparently bad if its level drops too low, which means you're in trouble if you're exposing yourself to too many stressors, but you're also not helping your baby by putting your feet up and relaxing on the couch. Great.

Does this sound like yet another typical case of the "you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't" scenario? And am I the only person who is just a little bit confused as to what our mood is supposed to be like during pregnancy to ensure our baby's health? Even when you are doing your best not to get rattled and stay calm, sometimes things happen that overwhelm you and make you want to shout at the top of your lungs. Isn't it better to let those feelings out rather than suppress them?

Pregnant women have enough to worry about as it is without having to pay close attention to whether or not they happen to be on an even keel at any point during the day. As much as we all want to do what is best for our babies, this is one scenario that we just don't need to waste our time obsessing over. Besides, obsessing over stuff only leads to even more stress. (Wait -- is that a good thing or a bad thing)?

Do you find that you have been more moody while pregnant?


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