Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins?! Let the Bonding Begin

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Wait a minute. Is Jennfier Aniston pregnant with twins, or is Angelina Jolie pregnant with twins? Ok, forget the twins -- is either one of them even preggo, period? I'm no idiot, but these rumors are getting harder and harder to keep straight. It's almost as if the media just can't resist trying to peg one of these gals as being knocked up. Huh. I wonder why on earth they'd do something like that?

It wouldn't be the shock of the century if either of them was actually expecting twins, but how bizarre would it be if both rumors turn out to be true and Jen and Angie are pregnant at the same time? OMG. Does anyone else see the beginning of what could be a totally beautiful friendship? Double twin pregnancies may be just the thing to mend all fences between these two and have them hugging it out like BFFs.

Here's how I see the whole reconciliation thing going down:

Both Jen and Angie obviously know that the other one is pregnant, and they finally run into each other on a random Tuesday while walking into Whole Foods. Angie smiles sheepishly at Jen, and then both of them burst into tears and vow to stop talking trash about each other and to forget the fact that they've shared a bed with the same man. And then they head into the store arm-in-arm and grab a decaf latte at the coffee bar, share a box of tissues, and talk about how they can't wait to set up play dates when their respective sets of twins arrive. They exchange cellphone numbers and Jen promises to call Angie the very next day.

Angie runs home and tells Brad about their emotional reunion, at which point he nods his head, and promptly fixes himself a stiff martini. Fast forward to the play dates after the twins are a few months old:

Jen and Angie sit comfortably on the patio furniture and chat and the babies giggle and coo and crawl around the yard while Maddox uses them as targets while playing with his toy guns. Brad and Justin hang by the outdoor kitchen and enjoy a little man time by throwing some burgers and hot dogs on the grill and knocking back a few beers. One big happy family.

All joking aside though, it really would be so fab to see these gals bury the hatchet for good. And if anything can make them call a final truce, it's a couple of growing baby bumps.

Do you think that Jen and Angie will ever end their feud?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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2nino... 2ninos4me

I dont see how both being pregnant will erase everything that happened between them .... Jen will always know that the father of those unborn babies is brat , the ex who cheated on her andleft her to go with that woman so hows that gonna work out ??

easun... easunshine

That scenario was hilarious! Especially the part abt Maddox using them for target practice!

Disney17 Disney17

I doubt either of them are even pregnant, and I doubt even if they were that it'd mend their ill feelings for each other. Not to mention, Angie is dumb for being with a man who cheated on his wife, and Jen is better off without that pig and his homewrecker.

froggy80 froggy80

I LOL'd, thank you. But I don't see JA and AJ being friends even if Brad Pitt never happened... so why would they be BFFs all of a sudden?

Shayl... Shaylyn318

The media is keeping the "feud" going. Move on already!

suziejax suziejax


nonmember avatar melanie

Who really cares? Ang is a HO-Bag who has no boundaries and she'll move in on anyone's husband. Brad is a cheater, well Jen is just moving on and if she has a baby well congrats. Who the hell would want to bond with your ex's wife.

LauraLee Wiz

If they are both pregnant, its like God is saying they are extra special and both should be friends and both should forget Brad....both ladies should now concentrate on their twins.

Andrea Wells

Is there even really a feud or is it all just media hype? Seems to me that they really don't care about each other and at this point they probably shouldn't. I think they've both moved on with their lives.

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