Ban on Pregnant Women Buying Alcohol Is Outrageous

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drinking while pregnantWhile some say a little in moderation is okay, most in the medical profession agree that by and large drinking alcohol while pregnant is potentially dangerous to a baby's health. So we might as well just go ahead and ban pregnant women from even buying alcohol, right?

That's what lawmakers in South Africa want to do. According to IOL News, draft legislation of the Gauteng Liquor Bill would include a ban on selling alcohol to "minors, anyone wearing a school uniform, anyone who 'reasonably appears to be intoxicated', or pregnant women."

It's outrageous in so many ways, it's hard to know where to begin.

First of all, how insulting and sexist can you get? To imply that pregnant women can't be trusted to make decisions for themselves and their babies is contemptible. Some don't make the best choices, sure, but that doesn't mean that all pregnant women should be viewed with suspicion. What about those buying it for spouses or as a hostess gift on the way to a dinner party? Sorry, no wine for you? And the fact remains it's not illegal for pregnant women to drink alcohol -- it is still a personal choice ... or should be.

Then there's the huge problem of how exactly does one identify a pregnant woman? There's so much room for error here, it's not even funny. Just wait for the lawsuits when some pudgy lady sues after being denied alcohol because someone thought she was pregnant.

And what's next? Should they also ban pregnant women from buying potato chips and donuts? We know those aren't necessarily good for the baby. Maybe there should be a ban on brie and soft-cheeses and perhaps even deli meat because pregnant women really can't be trusted to heat it until it's steaming hot.

The intent is good -- to protect unborn children from the ill effects of alcohol -- but the execution is so awful it would be funny if it wasn't so infuriating that anyone could think it's a valid idea.

What do you think of a ban on selling pregnant women alcohol?

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medic... medicwife

I used to buy alcohol AND cigarettes for my husband when I was pregnant, lol! I am sure it looked terrible! I did make sure the guy behind the counter knew it wasn't for me so he wouldn't feel guilty.

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

What about pregnant women who do the grocery shopping and need to buy alcohol for their spouse or upcoming party/BBQ? That's ridiculous.

BriLee BriLee

I can see why they would want to pass this ban but like the ladies above said, I've often bought liquor while shopping for my husband or guests in our house. I've also bought it while we were moving as gifts for those that helped.

nonmember avatar cierra hammel

I this this is absolutely the best idea ive ever heard. just because you or i can be trusted there are still worthless women out there endangering their children. i being a 23 year old mother of 2 a 6 year old and a 2 month of know quite a few women who drank heavily during their pregnancies and their innocent children are the ones who pay. this doesnt appear to be a sexist thing to me, and to many people are going to try and make it, but we need to take greater steps to protect our children. i have been a waitress in bars alomost 4 years and its at the discretion of the waitress if they want to sevre you or not. and i have turned down at least 5 pregnant women that i can remember. and not because they wanted a beer or glass of wine, for ordering shots of hardcore liquor. screw the politics save our children. i have twin brother and sister, and my mother drank with them not only were they premature but my brother have many mental retardations he will have to deal with forever. save the babies futures!

Mamao... Mamaof3expectin

Thats crazy. I have bought alcohol and cigrettes for others while pregnant and of course i get the ( i cant believe your buying that while pregnant) look so i simply look at them and say " as of its any of your business but its not for me obviously" and smile and walk away. Just because some women are ignornant enough to do it while pregnant most women have common sense.

Mandago Mandago

Aside from the other reasons this is ridiculous, I cook with wine, as I'm sure many people do. What about that?

nonmember avatar blh

What if the woman is just fat and its hard to tell? Or before she's showing? There's just too many inconsistencies. And there are a lot of woman that are too stupid/selfish to do what's best for their baby but I don't think there should be a law, that's a slippery slope.

nonmember avatar blh

Oh and if someone is dead set on drinking while pregnant a law won't stop them.

nonmember avatar rosalynda

This has a good and bad side.... Good for all those stupid women who do heavly while pregnant... Some of us do know that drinking is bad for our precious angels we have... While others just dont care and drink while pregnant hurting or even killing there sweet angels... But as a woman stated what happens when the woman isnt showing what then? What about women who are just big? This is a great idea but IF it does make it to the US i mean come on ladys it said South Africa Im sure the people here will have thought things out and figured out the flaws in this law.... And if a woman is determined to drink yes she will but if caught by police she will be prosucuted.... But all in all not a bad idea to stop stupid women from hurting or even killing their innocent baby....

momgo... momgotchat

Marijuana is illegal in most states, does that stop people from using it?  Give me a break, worst idea I've ever heard, let a lone how much of our earned tax dollars are going to be spend on trying to pass such a ridiculous law.

If you want to make a new law, pass a law that says a drunk pregnant lady can be arrested for indangering her baby. I would be willing to spend my money on that one!

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