'Things Pregnant Men Say' Will Make You Grateful to Be a Woman

pregnant dudes
If beer and sausages were babies ...
Yes, we've heard pretty much everything everybody has to say at this point. But I'm quite certain we have yet to hear S%*t Pregnant Men Say. Huh? Obviously -- that's because men don't get pregnant.

Well, there was that one dude. (But I don't want to go there.) What really got us thinking about pregnant men was the Reddit page "If Beer and Sausages Were Babies," a hilarious photo collage send-up of dudes with pot bellies posed naked, preggers Demi Moore-style (you have got to check it out!).

What if men really did get pregnant? What kind of s*#t would they say??


S#*t Pregnant Men Say:

"Dude. Morning sickness sucks. I haven't puked this much since that night we played Jagermeister Pong."

"Damn, you smell that? Since I got pregnant, my farts have been epic."

"You know what would be really good on this burrito? Onion rings."

"Does this Family Guy T-shirt make me look fat?"

"This kid is totally gonna be a ninja! I just got a wicked kick to the ribs."

"Thor would be an awesome name if we have a boy."

"You didn't give me a hug when I came in the door! What, am I so repulsive to you now?? Sob, sob."

"Super Bowl parties suck when you can't drink beer."

"Soon as I drop this kid, I'm gonna hit the gym, get my six-pack back."

"My back hasn't hurt this bad since we moved that couch into your fifth-floor walk-up."

Oh, I could go on all day -- but frankly, it's getting a little scary imagining a world of preggo dudes.

What do you think men would say if they got pregnant?


Image via Reddit

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