A Pregnant Angelina Jolie Would Make Kate Gosselin Look Even Worse

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On any given day of the week, tabloids claim that Angelina Jolie is either pregnant or way too skinny for her own good. Does anyone else see a huge contradiction here? The rumor mill seriously cannot get enough of all things Angie, and it seems like speculation about whether or not her body is growing or shrinking for various reasons is constantly plastered all over the front of gossip magazines.

The latest buzz is a new rumor in OK! Magazine that Angelina is, indeed, pregnant, and this time it's with twins. If by some stretch of the imagination this story does turn out to be true, Angie will go from being mother of six to a mother of eight. Could she potentially be the next Kate Gosselin?

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From being accused of letting one of her sons play under a car to screaming at her kids at the bus stop, Kate has proven herself to be more than a little emotional when it comes to trying to wrangle eight little ones. Actually, the first thing that comes to mind while picturing Kate during her daily routine is an irate look on her face and a finger pointed at one or more of her children for refusing to eat their green beans at dinner.

Angie, on the other hand, drags her brood all over the globe, takes them to toy stores on a regular basis, and even lets her boys play with toy guns. She's the "cool" mom. When trying to picture her with an extra kid in each arm, the visual image doesn't really shift all that much. Having another set of twins would probably not rattle her in the slightest, and there's no way in hell you'd ever catch her driving an enormous van like Kate has. My guess is that she'd just get a larger private jet or hire an additional chauffeur.

Being in the public eye while trying to take care of eight kids put Kate and Jon Gosselin on an irreversible path to divorce. But Angie and Brad Pitt are so laid back and seem fairly solid. Adding another couple babies into the mix would probably only make them stronger and more blissfully in love than they already claim to be. Barf.

How many kids is too many?

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I think the difference is Jon and Kate were everyday people- he worked some and she was the main caretaker.

The Jolie Pitt Clan no doubt employ plenty of helpers where the mom can shower, read her newspaper etc- I doubt Angelina has the day that Kate had.

nonmember avatar christina

I agree with ^^. You can't compare them.

nonmember avatar xmissccxx

Totally agree x

Mandago Mandago

Not to mention that Kate had six at once.

nonmember avatar annoymous

Six kids developmentally at the same stage is completely different than six kids of varied ages. And Kate's were six premies too which means they needed extra care. Add in the wealth factor and there's hardly a comparison here!

vulca... vulcanarcher

Well my hubby is the youngest of eight kids, and his parents had an incredibly strong marriage.  I think part of the problem with the Gosselins was that they were not well matched as a couple, and the issues really showed when the kids overwhelmed them.

mommi... mommie2twogirls

i think the how many is to many is a load question, it depends on the parent, i have 3 kids but know i could handle up to 7, i say this based on the fact that before my son (3.5 months) when my husband and i were together we had my 2 and his 2 plus more then half the time we had my 2 nephews and my niece, and i never had any problems even though my husband rarely helped out even with his 2, and i was in school full time, graduated with honors, but can you imagine some of the girls from teen mom having more then 1, heck 1 is too many for some of them, i think it depends on the parents, oh and my husband and i spliting had nothing to do with the kids

Candr... Candrdooley

I personally think with the Gosselin's it was the sudden fame of cameras everywhere and having the six at once on top of already having twins. I am a mom of multiples and I also have a singleton and I am currently pregnant.  I know for a fact that having another set of twins for myself would have been too much to handle without cameras in my face.  Having the stress of taking care of the family while your husband works all day is not all roses and rainbows like everyone thinks.  Only us Mom's who stay home and are relied on to do it all at the home know how hard it can be.  More power to the Pitts.  They have the finances to take care of their children well and that's probably another big factor in having kids that causes stress on a family.

nonmember avatar Jamie

It's shameful to compare mothers. Nobody's perfect,and we all hate to be judged on our "mothering skills". I also want to state that children are blessings and there is NO such thing as "too many children". I for one will have as many children as God wills. Even if it's 20.

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