A Pregnant Angelina Jolie Would Make Kate Gosselin Look Even Worse

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On any given day of the week, tabloids claim that Angelina Jolie is either pregnant or way too skinny for her own good. Does anyone else see a huge contradiction here? The rumor mill seriously cannot get enough of all things Angie, and it seems like speculation about whether or not her body is growing or shrinking for various reasons is constantly plastered all over the front of gossip magazines.

The latest buzz is a new rumor in OK! Magazine that Angelina is, indeed, pregnant, and this time it's with twins. If by some stretch of the imagination this story does turn out to be true, Angie will go from being mother of six to a mother of eight. Could she potentially be the next Kate Gosselin?

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From being accused of letting one of her sons play under a car to screaming at her kids at the bus stop, Kate has proven herself to be more than a little emotional when it comes to trying to wrangle eight little ones. Actually, the first thing that comes to mind while picturing Kate during her daily routine is an irate look on her face and a finger pointed at one or more of her children for refusing to eat their green beans at dinner.

Angie, on the other hand, drags her brood all over the globe, takes them to toy stores on a regular basis, and even lets her boys play with toy guns. She's the "cool" mom. When trying to picture her with an extra kid in each arm, the visual image doesn't really shift all that much. Having another set of twins would probably not rattle her in the slightest, and there's no way in hell you'd ever catch her driving an enormous van like Kate has. My guess is that she'd just get a larger private jet or hire an additional chauffeur.

Being in the public eye while trying to take care of eight kids put Kate and Jon Gosselin on an irreversible path to divorce. But Angie and Brad Pitt are so laid back and seem fairly solid. Adding another couple babies into the mix would probably only make them stronger and more blissfully in love than they already claim to be. Barf.

How many kids is too many?

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nonmember avatar Ginny

When Jesus died (year 1)there were only around 200 million people on earth. By 1800 there were only around 1 billion people on the planet. 100 years later (1900) there were 1.6 billion. In another 100 years (2000) world population had jumped to 6 billion. Only 11 years later we've increased to 7 billion. Human are the only species on earth actively working to systematically poison and otherwise defile the very ecosystem that sustains all life on earth. The very last thing the world needs now is another child from anyone. Wake up, folks.

nonmember avatar kao

yeah theres a total diferance from some people who used to be normal then got "fame"..then from A&B who where already rich and have plenty of nannys (and most importantly MONEY) to help them out with all their kids. so of course adding another kid or two isnt gonna throw her off..she has enough money and hired help to have 20 kids! im sure if they where normal everyday people like the rest of us they wouldnt think its so easy and be adding kids like its nothing!

nonmember avatar Kristen

Like many here said, it depends on the family how many kids are too many. From having 19 or 20 kids like the Duggars who seem fine with that many, to the teen mom reality show where 1 is too many for most. I have to comment though on someone said to "stop collecting kids". My grandparents were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and they had 9 children where half were adopted. My mother was adopted by them and yes they had a nanny here and there not full time but you know what, our family was the best! My grandmother was the most kindest, loving, Christian woman I have ever known. We had the best family get togethers. So I see nothing wrong with adopting several children if you can handle it.

JJAZ0709 JJAZ0709

I think to many is when you can not get the kids names right.


jessi... jessicasmom1

no way in comparing them


Miamy... MiamyLife

1...lol.. and this is because i'm a single mom..

I would have more if I had the money and help. I'm sure the Pitts have nannies for each of their kids..

Carol Morgan

There is no way to compare them. Angelina didnt have most of her kids, only three of them, the rest where adopted for starters. Also Angelina is rich and her and brad are used to the spot light, to its nothing new to them, they have a large disposible income so they can spoil their kids, kate and the rest of us don't. Kate is like any mom, she wants her kids to do the things she says, most likely without her having to yell.

nonmember avatar Wendy

The number of children depends on the parents/caretakers. Everyone is different. Have as many as you can emotionally and financially afford. I agree, you can't compare these two women or any two women - even sisters are different.

nonmember avatar Terry

There's no comparision as far as Kate ( Kate who ? ) and Angie..What about the "octomom" who conned her OB/GYN into implanting zillions of eggs, so that the "Angie Jolie" look alike could be the next Jolie /Kate ....1. B-cuz Octomom thought she looked like Angie Jolie, and TWO she wanted the fame & Fortune Kate had thrust upon her. THE California Child Protective services should REMOVE those 14 children from "octomom's " care, and give those 14 children a much mre stable home life. Good GRIEF.....what is this world coming to ? We watch TV programs because someone has 6 or8, or TEN kids ? Kate needs to take parenting clases....or perhaps lessons From either the Jolie / Pitts or the Duggars. Kate's kids should be removed because of her temper...HANDS down.

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