A Pregnant Angelina Jolie Would Make Kate Gosselin Look Even Worse

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On any given day of the week, tabloids claim that Angelina Jolie is either pregnant or way too skinny for her own good. Does anyone else see a huge contradiction here? The rumor mill seriously cannot get enough of all things Angie, and it seems like speculation about whether or not her body is growing or shrinking for various reasons is constantly plastered all over the front of gossip magazines.

The latest buzz is a new rumor in OK! Magazine that Angelina is, indeed, pregnant, and this time it's with twins. If by some stretch of the imagination this story does turn out to be true, Angie will go from being mother of six to a mother of eight. Could she potentially be the next Kate Gosselin?

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From being accused of letting one of her sons play under a car to screaming at her kids at the bus stop, Kate has proven herself to be more than a little emotional when it comes to trying to wrangle eight little ones. Actually, the first thing that comes to mind while picturing Kate during her daily routine is an irate look on her face and a finger pointed at one or more of her children for refusing to eat their green beans at dinner.

Angie, on the other hand, drags her brood all over the globe, takes them to toy stores on a regular basis, and even lets her boys play with toy guns. She's the "cool" mom. When trying to picture her with an extra kid in each arm, the visual image doesn't really shift all that much. Having another set of twins would probably not rattle her in the slightest, and there's no way in hell you'd ever catch her driving an enormous van like Kate has. My guess is that she'd just get a larger private jet or hire an additional chauffeur.

Being in the public eye while trying to take care of eight kids put Kate and Jon Gosselin on an irreversible path to divorce. But Angie and Brad Pitt are so laid back and seem fairly solid. Adding another couple babies into the mix would probably only make them stronger and more blissfully in love than they already claim to be. Barf.

How many kids is too many?

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Brook... BrookieCookie1

And what was so bad about the octomom, anyway? I saw her parents do an interview, and man oh man, I also suspect they did a job on her. Still yet, all octomom wanted was a home of her own and a little help and once she got it, she actually did the responsible and classier thing, and nobody ever heard from her again.

syvonne syvonne

I say if you aren't able-financially or physically -to take care of the children, you have too many.

Great... Greatdays

I don't think that even the Duggar's have too many children because, like the Jolie-Pitts they handle it well.  Parenting is loving, guiding and, wanting the best for your kids.  These families, like the Gosselin's are doing just that.

jwoolman jwoolman

Actually, Kate always had a lot of help. Her husband did more of the work with the kids when they were a little older, and volunteers and paid staff (originally a state benefit) did a lot also from the very beginning. . Kate is mean because she's just mean. Shows all the signs of being on the pathological end of the narcissistic personality disorder spectrum. She doesn't even pretend to like some of the kids on camera. Jon is the normal one, the kids look so tense with their mom but relieved with their dad.

Angie may be eccentric, but she would do just as well with kids if she didn't have staff. Whole different person than Kate, doesn't have Kate's personality disorders.

Lilit... Lilith825

My husband & I parent like Brad & Angie and can not stand Kate +8 *gag*. We have 8 children of our own and growing, My kids are happy, healthy, and we're all laid back.

It's aprenting style. Kate always said she never wanted "that many kids". Repeatedly. She is  using her kids for fortune and fame. Jon was at least smart enough to try and give up that path, but Kate pushes it. 


The number of kids does not make a parent good or bad. Jon & Kate were bad parents and partners before they had kids and having kids & being famous only amplified their issues and problems until they exploded.

We're proud to have a large loving family just like the Jolie-Pitt family. We do grow stronger together when we have more kids . . . but that's just US! 

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Umm...I am not team kate or anything like that..but imagine have 6 babies all at the same time, same age and same wants and needs..all at the same damn time....YOU WOULD WANT TO DIE of the thought...I know I would want to freak out...so to see her scream at her kid or whatever is not wrong in my book. it gets very overwhelming at times..so I understand that. IMO Angelina I think is stupid. And she has all these kids to fill a void...not becausee she really wants to. 

tiana... tianasmom27

Not even a colse comparison 95% of the day kate spends with her children alone i have one toddler and its exhausting and gets frustrating so i will always take my hat off to her being a mother is not easy these ppl are rich with more money than they know what to do with someone will always be around to whisk the kids away somewhere when they dont want to deal

Geria09 Geria09

One is  enough for me and my hubby.  All to often we ask this same question, when the real question should be: Are you rearing society's next monster(s) or benefactor(s)?

nonmember avatar Ari

How many is too many? More than one is too many. The earth is overpopulated and we are depleting our resources at an alarming rate. Frankly I think everyone should be limited to one child. At least for the next 30 years while we try to fix the mess we've gotten our planet into.

kaffe... kaffedrikke

Angie should have kids until shes ninety. Her genes are impecable and shes highly intelligent.

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