A Pregnant Angelina Jolie Would Make Kate Gosselin Look Even Worse

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On any given day of the week, tabloids claim that Angelina Jolie is either pregnant or way too skinny for her own good. Does anyone else see a huge contradiction here? The rumor mill seriously cannot get enough of all things Angie, and it seems like speculation about whether or not her body is growing or shrinking for various reasons is constantly plastered all over the front of gossip magazines.

The latest buzz is a new rumor in OK! Magazine that Angelina is, indeed, pregnant, and this time it's with twins. If by some stretch of the imagination this story does turn out to be true, Angie will go from being mother of six to a mother of eight. Could she potentially be the next Kate Gosselin?

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From being accused of letting one of her sons play under a car to screaming at her kids at the bus stop, Kate has proven herself to be more than a little emotional when it comes to trying to wrangle eight little ones. Actually, the first thing that comes to mind while picturing Kate during her daily routine is an irate look on her face and a finger pointed at one or more of her children for refusing to eat their green beans at dinner.

Angie, on the other hand, drags her brood all over the globe, takes them to toy stores on a regular basis, and even lets her boys play with toy guns. She's the "cool" mom. When trying to picture her with an extra kid in each arm, the visual image doesn't really shift all that much. Having another set of twins would probably not rattle her in the slightest, and there's no way in hell you'd ever catch her driving an enormous van like Kate has. My guess is that she'd just get a larger private jet or hire an additional chauffeur.

Being in the public eye while trying to take care of eight kids put Kate and Jon Gosselin on an irreversible path to divorce. But Angie and Brad Pitt are so laid back and seem fairly solid. Adding another couple babies into the mix would probably only make them stronger and more blissfully in love than they already claim to be. Barf.

How many kids is too many?

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tecsa... tecsabates

You don't see the nannies in photos like that because their nannies aren't just nanies/tutors. Most are men and are required to not only be well educated, but also experts in martial arts and/or guns as they are also bodyguards. Since they don't look the nanny image people don't notice them in the photos...and instead of traveling with 3 people per child ( a nanny, a tutor, a bodyguard), they only have one person per child. Frankly if I and my kids were in the public eye so much, and I could afford it I would too.

nonmember avatar lalalaland

I am THE primary caregiver of my 3 kids (of varried ages) and I am beat with exhausion. Like come of the comments, if you strip Angie & Brad of their wealth, they would not have so many kids. At six kids with only 1 as the caregiver and ther other constantly working to make ends meet, no doubt there'll be arguments EVERYDAY. Has anyone considered asking Angie & Brad to go 2 weeks without help and each take turn rotating to be primary caregivers each week? Don't forget about schooling, after-school/extra-circular activities, preparing lunch/daily meals (feeding toddlers age 5 and below), grocery shopping, bathing daily or every-other-day (depending on the age of the babies), laundry, clean-up (toys). That's all I can think of right now & that's only related to the kids along no matter how many you have. After you do all that, you need to find time for yourself to keep you emotionally and energetically charged for the next day to REPEAT AGAIN!

drago... dragonqueen

I have always thought that once you have two kids one or two more doesn't make much difference LOL. I am a mother of 4 at the moment :) I might be adopting another in April or August.

tecsa... tecsabates

That said, comparing these two failies is ridiculous for all the reasons already pointed out (money, age of the kids). I'll admit I don't like Kate Gosselin one bit, but ya gotta give her credit..I mean, if I had to keep with 6 two yr olds all going in different directions all at once basicall on my own 24/7.....Yeah I'd be cranky too.   I only have three kids ( 4, 9, and almost 11) and there are days I wanna go check into the mental ward just to get a break......

As for how many is too many - not really a fair question. Like so many other decisions, it depends on the family.  While I'm sure the Duggars all have bad days, I admire how laid back and loving they are. I mean after 20+ yrs of marriage and 20 children, Michelle and Jim Bob seem as much in love as newlyweds... And then you have the wonderful Octomom..( u know that was sarcasm right...)  Every family is different.

there... theresaphilly

At least she takes hers with her ... so many other celebs, birth'em and leave'em.

Knigh... Knightquester

I do believe that the phrase too many is determined on both parents desire to have more, their ability to raise more children emotionally, physically and financially.  I have four children and could handle way more.  I choose to not have more because of financial reasons also my husband and I are happy with what we have.

I make sure my kids are well behaved, but I don't worry about controlling their every move, it's really no fun as a parent if you don't try to enjoy the process of raising your kids.  I think it's a personality thing to be more relaxed and enjoy what you have, for the Pitts they seem to have that type of personality vs. the Gosslins who don't.  So regardless if the Gosslins had less kids and Pitts had more their personalities wouldn't change.

paige... paige8608

I wish she'd stop collecting children. I mean, really?! I don't care how much money I have, I'd find a better way to spend it. Why can't she just collect unicorn figurines or snow globes?!

celes... celestegood

Agree with everyone here!  Kate had six at one time that were born premature; its totally different when you have six of different ages.

Add to that the wealth factor-Jon and Kate are everyday working joes, miss Jolie and Mr. Pitt are loaded and I am sure the Nannies do a fair share of the needed childcare while they jett around the globe and lounge in their homes.

KukyL... KukyLopez

My question is this....Do we really care?   I really think that anyone that is a busy mother, taking care of a home, working, cooking, cleaning, etc, etc.....does not really give a damm about who's pregnant with what, or who's going out whith the new flavor of the month.....

This is just gossip, and even if it is true, how does that affect us? so why bother.....?

Brook... BrookieCookie1

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be adored by fans regardless. Nobody said that they HAD to take ANY kids into their hearts or homes. I dont get why people bash her (well, many women do, and I have my suspicions on that, but anyway) but seriously, anybody else hasn't been called a bad person for adopting underpriviledged kids...

BTW kate Gosselin also had a team of chefs and caretakers. Although I don't think any two sets of parents can ever be compared (each of us do what works for each of us), I do just want to point out that there's really not any comparison here, other than Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt look lovely and 'cool, and wonderful, while Kate Gosselin came off as a greedy, child-pimping maneater! But then again, with the magic of editing, I'm certain any of us could fall prey to the same smoke and mirrors illusion of showbusiness...

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