A Pregnant Angelina Jolie Would Make Kate Gosselin Look Even Worse

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On any given day of the week, tabloids claim that Angelina Jolie is either pregnant or way too skinny for her own good. Does anyone else see a huge contradiction here? The rumor mill seriously cannot get enough of all things Angie, and it seems like speculation about whether or not her body is growing or shrinking for various reasons is constantly plastered all over the front of gossip magazines.

The latest buzz is a new rumor in OK! Magazine that Angelina is, indeed, pregnant, and this time it's with twins. If by some stretch of the imagination this story does turn out to be true, Angie will go from being mother of six to a mother of eight. Could she potentially be the next Kate Gosselin?

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From being accused of letting one of her sons play under a car to screaming at her kids at the bus stop, Kate has proven herself to be more than a little emotional when it comes to trying to wrangle eight little ones. Actually, the first thing that comes to mind while picturing Kate during her daily routine is an irate look on her face and a finger pointed at one or more of her children for refusing to eat their green beans at dinner.

Angie, on the other hand, drags her brood all over the globe, takes them to toy stores on a regular basis, and even lets her boys play with toy guns. She's the "cool" mom. When trying to picture her with an extra kid in each arm, the visual image doesn't really shift all that much. Having another set of twins would probably not rattle her in the slightest, and there's no way in hell you'd ever catch her driving an enormous van like Kate has. My guess is that she'd just get a larger private jet or hire an additional chauffeur.

Being in the public eye while trying to take care of eight kids put Kate and Jon Gosselin on an irreversible path to divorce. But Angie and Brad Pitt are so laid back and seem fairly solid. Adding another couple babies into the mix would probably only make them stronger and more blissfully in love than they already claim to be. Barf.

How many kids is too many?

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sweet... sweetyazfl

You can't compare them. I'm not a huge fan of either if them but Kate had six at once and had to get help from everyone that would offer because she didn't have enough money. On the other hand Angelina and Brad have millions and millions of dollars and can hire people to even clean their asses. I defend Kate on this one.

sterl... sterling21

I agree with everyone that JoliePitt have alot more help. And thus can be the "cool parents" without lifting a finger. If little Zahara gets loaded on 3 pounds of candy, its usually the nanny that has to stay up until 3am singing and rocking her to sleep. With Kate, all of her decsions she makes are completly her responsibility, if her kids teeth fall out she can only blame herself not nanny 1...2...or 3.

crs2442 crs2442

I'd be the first to say that Kate Gosselin is a bitch, but its a little unfair to compare her to Angelina. The most kids Angelina has had at once was two. Plus the various nannies she can afford to employ. I mean, take a look back at the specials TLC did on the Gosselins before they became "famous". That woman was nothing short of amazing, and I highly doubt Angelina could control 8 babies ON HER OWN, without Brad's help and without a nannys help.

maman... mamanay041010

Firstly, no parent is prefect, and who are any of us to compare parents? People give Kate Hell for her parenting when none of us understand her situation, not only did the man who promise her a lifetime and mutually agreed to become the father of her kids leave, he cheated.as a mother of one there are overwhelming times, especially being a stay at home mom, yeah sure you see angelina with her kids at various locations because you'd have to make up for being away for three months shooting some movie and leaving six kids with a nanny, that's what people fail to see, Kate is a mother an everday mother she struggles I can't imagine six two year olds.. my single two year old is more than enough! I'd love to see any woman handle sitting at home with eight children and trying to escape the thoughts in her head that her husband is out cheating. Damn right I would be bitchy, and bitter and hurt! Horrible attempt at making Kate look bad or angie look good. They could both use improvement

Melan... Melanie420

um kate was pregnant with six kids at one time, and half of angelinas kids are adopted, she nowhere near kate, what a dumb thing to say

jessi... jessicasmom1

No you can not compare them



It was way harder for Jon and Kate. They didnt have the privilege of taking a break from all the kids to date and go to parties and such. Beside they are all the same age could you imagine? You cant compare them like Angelina is a better person.


We have always wondered how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear to raise such a well mannered brood of six without going completely insane. The answer: nannies, a lot of nannies, an entire basketball team of nannies. PopEater spoke to one applicant for the Pitt-Jolie nanny job who said she was surprised by the strict requirements asked of the family's childcare providers.

Each child, we are told, is given their very own personal nanny, who is required to have a college degree in either education or child development and to speak at least two languages. In the case of Brad and Angie's adopted children from other countries, the nanny is question is expected to speak the language of the child's native land.

The job applicant must also be willing to travel. This is a biggie since the family splits their time between California, New Orleans, France and a number of movie sets on a yearly basis.

According to our source, the positions pay between $50,000 and $150,000 on a sliding scale to start. With six kids, childcare can easily run the Jolie-Pitts a cool million on a yearly basis.


The requirements make sense (and believe us we have heard crazier) since the family travels so often each caregiver will essentially be a one-on-one teacher for the kids when they aren't enrolled in school.

What we have to say is kudos to the Pitt-Jolie publicity machine for their careful pruning of these nannies from the official paparazzi shots the family releases to the press. You would think six extra well-educated bodies traveling with the fam would be easy to spot, but we rarely see anyone but Brad and Angie minding the crew.


Did you read that a nanny for each kid!

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