5 Baby Items Totally Worth Splurging On

Miracle BlanketBeing that I live in a one-bedroom apartment and clutter gives me an anxiety like no other, I've vowed to not go crazy buying my baby "stuff." When I was a newborn back in the day, I don't think my mother purchased items like diaper wipe warmers and bottle sterilizers. And you know what? I turned out in one piece! Truth be told, if I had a bigger place, it might be another story, but as long as my husband, baby, and I are residing in about 800 square feet, less is more.

There are certain items I won't go without, of course. And with the risk of sounding snooty, I won't skimp on these items either. From what I hear, and from what common sense tells me, it's just not worth it. Here are five baby items I plan on splurging on.


A car seat. I mean, obviously, right? This seems like the single most important item to go big on -- and not because I want some cute, Posh Spice-endorsed one; because I want my child to be safe -- as safe as possible -- should we ever, God forbid, get into an accident. I'm certainly not the richest mom-to-be in the world, but you bet I'm going to drop some cash on a tricked-out car seat.

A stroller. I live in a city. With bumpy sidewalks. And I rarely drive. The stroller is going to be one of the most crucial items in my baby gear arsenal. My baby and I are going to go places with this thing! It needs four-wheel drive; it needs to be durable as the day is long; it needs to have a good place to put my bag and coffee. I'm pretty sure I've found my dream stroller -- and it ain't cheap (and, no, it's not one of those $800 ones). But I'm pretty confident it's worth it.

A breast pump. Okay, so this is more for me than for baby, but from what other working moms tell me, a solid breast pump is key. I already have anxiety about "pumping" cutting into my work day (I.E. it making me stay later, which, in turn, will give me less time with my baby), so one that does the job effectively and quickly is important to me.

A baby carrier. Again, live in a city. Lots of walking. I need something good that will keep both me and my little one comfortable.

Miracle blankets. So, these aren't super expensive, but they're more expensive than regular ol' blankets. Every single mother I know -- literally -- has ranted and raved about these things. There hasn't been one mixed review. So, you know what? I'm going for it.

Of course, as my child grows, I'll learn what other things are worth splurging on (and what I shouldn't have), but for now, I think this is a solid list to start off with. It's one I feel both comfortable with -- and one I won't totally go broke over.

What were some splurge-worthy items for you and your baby?


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