'Mom-Ed: Childbirth' Day 12: Knowing You're Not Alone Is Crucial (VIDEO)

cafemom studiosYou know how the saying goes: All good things must come to an end. Well, today, my friends, is the final Mom-Ed: Childbirth video from CafeMom Studios. For the past week and a half, Alice and Eden have talked to experts, pregnant women, and random moms on the street, and have gotten some really great (sometimes really graphic) information on everything from what to expect during the end of the third trimester to what happens after you give birth.

In today's video, they wrap things up a bit. They hit the streets again to ask experienced mothers what they wish somebody would have told them about having a baby. The answers are brutally honest. You won't want to miss this. Check it out.


To be completely forthcoming, as excited as I am to meet my baby, I am a little nervous about what to expect postpartum. It's easy to think, boom, I'll just be back to my old self in no time, but when I really think about it -- or hear certain moms talking -- I realize that might not be the case at all. I could get depressed. I could lose tons of hair. I could totally feel "not right" for three months or so. That's kind of scary -- especially since I'm going to be caring for a baby during this time.

As hard as it may be, I know that, like all the moms Alice and Eden talked to, I'll get through it. And it's nice to know that, should any of these things happen, I'm not alone.

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How did you feel after giving birth?


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