Presenting Every Mom's Fantasy -- Trust Us, You'll Love It (PHOTOS)


pregnant and sexyPeople have all sorts of bizarre fetishes and turn-ons. As long as they're legal, then to each his or her own I guess, but some are quite interesting. Pregnant porn for example. Strangely enough it seems there's a strong demand for and supply of pornographic materials featuring pregnant women. Don't believe me, just Google it ... and be careful. 

Blogger Amy Morrison of Pregnant Chicken found the penchant for pregnant porn so fascinating that she created some of her own ... with a little twist. " ... it got me to thinking, pregnant ladies *should* have their very own candy to look at. We have needs! We have desires!"

And so her meme Porn for Pregnant Ladies was born, which is nothing short of brilliant. Don't worry, it's completely safe for work. Behold:

pregnant pornTalk about a turn-on, right? There's more.

pregnant pornHow about this one?

pregnant pornThis next one is almost too hot to handle.

pregnant porn

And my personal favorite:

pregnant porn

Ah, if only. Truly the stuff of pregnant fantasies everywhere.

These are just a few in this totally hilarious collection. You can view the rest of them over at Pregnant Chicken. Pass this on to any woman you know who has ever been, will be, or is pregnant. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to relate.

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What do you think of this porn for pregnant ladies? Did it make you laugh?

Images via www-bellyoflove-com-au/Flickr and Pregnant Chicken


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chili... chilichiki

I saw these not too long ago... I love the cankles one :o)

vanes... vanessa5470

Lmao, that made me crack up. Especially imagining their voices saying it

navyw... navywife0204

Love it!  made me smile!

mesai mesai

LOVE IT! Mostly the cakes one... Probably because my S/O actually said & did just that when I was preggers with the last one... (but he's not as hot)

tis.u... tis.unnatural

Oh, love them! Especially the Pinterest dream! :)

lilma... lilmami81

Love it! Especially at 31 weeks pregnant!

Jenna... JennaPBug

funny stuff

gen791 gen791



rolling on floor

gen791 gen791



rolling on floor

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