'Mom-Ed: Childbirth' Day 10: These Tips Make the First Few Weeks Seem Manageable (VIDEO)

rosie popeIn today's Mom-Ed: Childbirth video from CafeMom Studios, Alice and Eden sat down with everybody's favorite mom-expert, Rosie Pope, to talk about the first few weeks after you give birth.

This video came at the perfect time for me. Just the other day, I realized, "Holy s**t, there's going to be a baby here soon! I'm not going to be pregnant forever. There will be a little person here who needs my non-stop attention. It isn't going to be all about me anymore!" So, hearing the ladies talk about what the first few weeks with a newborn will entail -- and how trying this time can be -- offers a little bit of insight and comfort regarding what's to come. Check it out. 


A few things here. One, glad to know the nurses at the hospital are swaddling experts. I mean, obviously they are. For some reason, I keep forgetting that, for the first two days of my baby's life, I'll be in a hospital, where experts abound! It's a major relief knowing -- or remembering -- that I'll be able to ask all the questions I want. Makes things seem a little less daunting. A little.

I also really like Rosie's idea of a "two-week" mantra. That's definitely something I'll use. Seems like if you think about it that way -- "I just need to get through these first two weeks" -- it will make that period a bit more manageable. Two weeks isn't that long ... right?

Lastly, I'm really glad I heard about the whole blood clotting thing. If I never stumbled upon such a piece of information -- and it happened to me -- I would freak out. Knowing myself, I'd probably assume I was bleeding to death or something. Now, if I do experience such a thing, I'll be able to remain calm. Calmish.

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What were your first two weeks like? Any good tips?


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