Jennifer Aniston Might Be Pregnant for Real This Time (PHOTO)


jennifer anistonOf course, it's just a rumor -- like they always are -- but word on the street is Jennifer Aniston is six months pregnant. Now, I'm not one to typically fall for tabloid fodder like this, but I've got to admit, this time it's really convincing.

The actress, who, come to think of it, has been keeping really low-pro lately, turned up for a screening for HBO's Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory recently looking, well, really pregnant. Apparently, she kept her oversized coat on the entire night, and if you'll look at the handy-dandy photo to your left, her midsection does sort of look ... buldgy. And not in a post-holiday, too-many-sugar-cookies kind of way. In a holy-s**t-Jennifer-Aniston-is-totally-pregnant kind of way. Could the moment we've all been waiting for have finally arrived?

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According to iron-clad source MTV UK, the actress has been spotted with a visible baby bump lately, and a friend of Aniston’s said: "She wouldn't have wanted to make a big deal but she must be so excited. If anyone ever asked if she was worried about running out of time, she'd reply, 'I'm absolutely having kids, there's not one doubt in my mind.'"

If this is true -- and dear God, please let it be -- Jennifer's not going to be able to hide the good news much longer. I'm currently almost seven months, and let me tell you, there is no more hiding. You can bust out the bulky coats and tunic tops for a few more weeks, then you're done, girl. Unless, of course, you wanted to wear a cape, in which Zara has some cute ones. But I digress.

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Even though it seems like the world is full-to-the-brim with pregnant celebrities -- or celebrities who have just given (a super lavish) birth -- Aniston would be the creme de la creme of all. The world has been waiting years for the former Friends star to get knocked up. And while I think she seems to be doing just fine without any children or a husband, it sure would be fun. I mean, seriously, when is a pregnant star, or a Hollywood baby, not? We live through you all vicariously, don't you know this already??? Dance monkeys dance!

Do you think Jennifer Aniston is pregnant?


Image via Christopher Polk/Getty

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CPN322 CPN322

How can you tell it looks bulgy with all the black in the picture? Too much black for me to really see. I hope she is though! She seems like she'd make a pretty great mom and really wants to be one.

MamaM... MamaMendoza2631

There's too much black, but it looks like there is a little something there. I hope she is pregnant, that would great for her!!

juggl... juggling3

I hope she is pregnant as well! :)

nonmember avatar Guest

She really does look pregnant in that picture, and for that matter she looked somewhat pregnant back in the fall at a couple of events. I really hope this news is finally true! She's been wanting a child for so long and I think she would make a wonderful mother. I love seeing her and Justin together...they make a cute couple!

nikol... nikolita87

Maybe it's my monitor but I have no problem seeing what appears to be a noticeable baby bump. She deserves it- she'll be a great mom! (I'm sure she'll be a heck of a lot more hands on than Angelina!)

girly... girlymomblogger

She does look possibly preggo because she is not the type of girl who would let herself go and get a little holiday potbelly! 

nonmember avatar gary

Home sick with the flu so I am reading all these stupid a** sites. I literally cannot believe anybody would care if any "celebrity" was/was not pregnant.

tinyp... tinypossum

She doesn't look pregnant in the black coat,but I clicked the link and she does look like she's got a belly bulge in the sparkly dress. That looks like mid-term belly to me.

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

She looks completely pregnant to me. Though I do wonder how anyone can know she will be a good mom. Unless you really know her, and not the persona she wears in public you can't judge that.

nonmember avatar Lorelailiz

She does look like she "may" be pregnant. She has been staying out of the public eye --and -- It would also explain why she finally quit smoking some months ago--she was a heavy smoker--but you never know.

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