'Mom-Ed: Childbirth' Day 9: Home Birth Isn't for Everyone (VIDEO)

birthing tubToday's Mom-Ed: Childbirth video from CafeMom Studios is about something that's always interested me: Home birth. Alice and Eden sit down (in a birthing tub) with Lydia Heilmann, a woman who has given birth twice outside of a hospital -- once in a birthing center, once at home -- and they dish all about what it's like, what you "need," etc.

There are things about home births that have always intrigued and appealed to me. I like the idea of being in the comfort of my own place -- in my own clothes -- while laboring. It seems less frightening and sterile (although perhaps sterile is good when it comes to birth). But then there are things that would never -- in a million years -- make me want to have my child outside of a hospital. Like the cookie sheet. Check and the video and you'll see what I'm talking about.


I get where some women who give birth at home are coming from -- really, I do. I understand the desire to be under your own roof -- where you make the rules -- as opposed to being just another patient in a hospital when you give birth. But what if -- God forbid -- something goes wrong? Like, something-outside-a-midwife's-medical-expertise wrong?

I imagine there are few things more frightening than something being wrong with your newborn baby -- and not being in a hospital. What if time is of essence, as it usually is in medical situations? I have zero interest in putting my child on a cookie sheet to revive or transport her to a hospital -- especially when she could have already been there.

That's me, though. I'm a worrier. I admire the women who have enough confidence in themselves, their child, and their midwife to give birth at home. If everything goes as planned, it actually seems quite lovely. Definitely not for me, though.

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Did you have a home birth? Would you?


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