Jessica Simpson's Pregnancy Craving Is Weirdest One Yet


Jessica SimpsonI love a good wacky pregnancy craving. Those who profess to crave only leafy greens and organic beets may be healthier, sure, but they're boring and kind of lame. Every pregnant woman needs to give into some crazy cravings once in awhile, but Jessica Simpson's cravings seem to be a bit too crazy.

She recently told Extra that she can't get enough of her favorite childhood foods. Things like Kraft Mac n' Cheese, Pop Tarts, and Cap'n Crunch. Fine, but then she went and dropped this doozy: "I had a buttered Pop Tart this morning," she said. 

Butter on a Pop Tart? Pickles and ice cream are one thing, but that just sounds awful. Pop Tarts and butter are each pretty tasty in their own right, but together, no thanks. No one, pregnant or not, should ever ingest such an abomination.

In general, it sounds like Jess may be going a little overboard with her pregnancy diet. Sure, every mama-to-be deserves some indulgences when she's expecting, but I'm afraid Jess may be paying for hers for a long time.

 When asked about indulging her cravings with such junk food, she said, "I'm like, 'Yeah, I can do it. We'll worry about the rest afterwards."

I get that attitude, and I partially had it during my first pregnancy. For most of us, pregnancy is the first time in our lives since we were little girls that we're "free" to eat with abandon and without guilt ...  or so we tell ourselves. But we pay the price later, and the price can be high as the post-pregnancy pounds don't always just melt off like they do from people like Miranda Kerr. Plus, gaining too much weight during a pregnancy isn't good for the baby either.

So while it's good to see Jess so excited about her pregnancy and so relaxed, I hope she's also keeping some moderation in mind  and working in some vegetables with all that other junk. And really, someone needs to just take the butter away from her.

Do you eat with abandon when you were pregnant or with moderation? Can ever imagine consuming a Pop Tart with butter on it?

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purpl... purplesun38

Who are we to tell her what she can and cannot eat? This does not sound that crazy, give the girl a break!

butte... butterflymkm

Uh huh. Needs more butter. -Paula Dean

Melis... Melissa042807

For most of my 1st trimester with my first baby, I could only eat mac 'n cheese or fried potatoes with ketchup for dinner. Everything else made me barf. 

With this 2nd pregnancy, my biggest craving was chocolate milkshakes! :-) I had several per week for a while there. Fortunately we have an Arby's nearby and they sell these nice little bitty sizes that gave me my fix without going overboard. Haven't had any cravings for a while now. Mine only last the first 12 weeks it seems. 

kryst... krystaldawn_21

I eat pop tarts with butter on them. They taste so good!! A warm pop tart and butter yummy! I have been eating them since I was a child as well.

McFurley McFurley

i had gestational diabetes, so no buttered pop tarts while prego. but actually, buttered pop tarts are quite delicious and very popular, what if it was a brown sugar/ cinnamon pop tart and not a fruit kind?  the author of this article should try something new. pop tarts are pure sugar. so if she eats them plain its ok? add a little butter and its freaking horrible. when you have money, post pregnancy weight doesnt matter. you hire someone to help you out.

momof... momof030404

Thats how I was raised to eat poptarts too! My kids eat them that way too! Whats wrong with butter on poptarts?


vamom08 vamom08

Pop tarts and butter isnt bad how about some pregnant moms craving bleach while pregnant "now thats gross and dangerous".

dariu... dariusmommy

I like poptarts with butter dipped in milk. Its actully really tasty

nonmember avatar Sarah

Buttered pop tarts are actually really popular

justj... justjess09

Yum! Unfrosted strawberry poptarts with butter! Sooo good!

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