Not Everything I Do Is 'Because I'm Pregnant'

pregnantThe past few days have been crap. It all started sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning when I caught a cold. It wasn't just any cold. It was a balls-to-the-wall, complete-inability-to-breathe-out-of-my-nose, glassy-eyed, debilitating cold that only got worse with time. And the fact that I'm pregnant and can't load up on sweet, sweet Procter & Gamble relief turns the whole thing into a cruel joke.

For days I haven't slept. I don't do well with this. For as long as I can remember, I've been one of those people who is awful without sleep. I get cranky, emotional, pissed off. And when you couple that with the nastiest cold I've had in years -- shit's about to get real, y'all.

The only thing that makes this unbearable state worse than it already is is when people tell me, "it's because you're pregnant."


There's no denying that I'm a hot mess right now. I've been walking around with what looks like perpetual wax burn underneath my nose from all the blowing I've done, and I've typed this sentence four times, because, currently, words don't make much sense to me. I'm exhausted and run down, and, yes, still pregnant. But, for the love of the baby Jesus, please don't tell me I'm exhausted and run down, and generally look like crap (I know that's what you're insinuating), because I'm pregnant.

Believe it or not, I've had colds before. And they've wrecked havoc on me. I've looked ugly and stuffy and unrested at points in my life before getting pregnant. Yes, it's true! So, don't tell me that this current situation I've got going on is all because I'm knocked up. I promise you, I wouldn't look and/or feel much different were I not.

My pregnancy is a huge part of my life. Obviously. But not every single thing I say, do, and eat is because of it. I may be a bit loopy these days, but I'm still a "regular" person.

Before getting pregnant, I'd have bad days where I really didn't feel like talking. Before getting pregnant, I'd occasionally crave pineapple juice (although then I don't think it's considered a craving then; it's something you're in the mood for). Before getting pregnant, I'd get tired. And before getting pregnant, I'd still get annoyed at my husband for hovering over me while I cook, asking me if I "waited 'til the water was boiling to add the salt." Answer: No, Eric Ripert.

Yeah, I'll admit, things are different now. I definitely feel more vulnerable, which is probably why I hate feeling like I'm being watched so closely by others all the time. Sometimes, I feel like people are waiting to see pregnancy symptoms from me -- physical or otherwise. So, when there's any kind of small change in me whatsoever, they want to jump on it and say "it's because you're pregnant."

Which, I guess, in some ways, is cute. They're just excited for me. But, man, sometimes, it's really just annoying. Because, seriously dude, it's not always because I'm pregnant.

Did this sort of thing ever irritate you while you were pregnant?


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