'Mom-Ed Childbirth' Day 2: 'Waiting for Labor' Sounds Annoying (VIDEO)

rosie popeMy goal is to have a natural birth. No getting induced, no drugs, just good ol' Mother Nature doing what she does. That's the goal, at least. In addition to, personally, feeling that it's best for me and my baby, it's the way I've always envisioned my labor/childbirth going -- water breaking, scrambling to the hospital, the whole nine. But you know what I just realized was never part of this reverie? Waiting for my labor to begin.

Pretty much every single recent mom I know has been induced. I'm yet to receive a frantic/excited text that reads, "It's time!" It's always just ... this is the date they're giving birth. When they feel like they're "done" being pregnant, like they can't take anymore, they schedule an appointment and an end is in sight. 

What about the women who don't want to go this route, though? Those last couple weeks have to be pretty uncomfortable. Luckily, this exclusive CafeMom video on getting labor started -- naturally -- addresses just that. Check it out.


Like I said, of all the things I've given thought to -- lots of thought -- regarding my pregnancy and labor, "getting my labor started" had never crossed my mind. I'm sure if I saw my due date pass me by, I'd be Googling up a storm, but it's nice to know that A) chances are, I'm going to be waiting for a little while, and B) there are some things I can do to get things moving. I particularly like the acupuncture one. I've gotten it a few times in the past, and it's yet to disappoint. (So, note to self, find a good acupuncturist in Brooklyn.) I also like the climbing stairs two at a time thing. I live on the third floor -- sans an elevator -- so, Lord knows I walk up and down a lot of stairs.

As far as the opening up all of the kitchen cabinets and full moon theories go, though, not sure if I'm buying that those. I'll try spicy food first, thanks.

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Did you do anything to induce your labor?


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