Beyonce's Diva Childbirth Behavior Isn't What Kept Other Moms From Their Babies


beyonceAs the entire world at large knows, Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl this weekend, Blue Ivy Carter, via c-section at New York's Lenox Hill hospital. Judging from everything I've heard, it went great. Off without a hitch. Mom, dad, and baby are doing wonderfully.

But it wasn't great for the parents who happened to be having children at the same time -- in the same hospital -- as the pop star. Details that are being reported actually make their birthing and post-partum experiences seem downright miserable. Thanks to baby Blue, the non-famous moms and dads were supposedly ignored, basically put in lockdown, and one dad was even kept from seeing his sick twins. And, naturally, now they're all thinking of suing.


Before we get to the legal stuff, let's discuss the lengths Bey and Jay went to to ensure their baby was safe, and that they had a pleasant (read: private) birthing experience. According to the New York Post, the couple visited Lenox Hill a few months early to do a little recon before starting with the ($1.3 million!) renovations. They had a bullet-proof door installed to Beyonce's room, as well as had the windows in her reserved wing darkened with what appeared to be special curtains or tape. A Lenox Hill staffer said of Beyonce's room, "They came in and reconstructed it. It’s completely different." They also used their own security, as well as the hospital's, and unrelated but interesting, a makeup artist was seen visiting with several bags in tow, and lunch was delivered from a special burger joint and gourmet market. Sounds quite lovely, no?

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Yeah, not for the other parents. New dad Neil Coulon said his efforts to visit his premature, newborn twins in the neonatal ICU were disrupted at least four times by the arrival of Blue. He stated, "They just used the hospital like it was their own and nobody else mattered. They locked us into the NICU and would say, ‘You can’t come out to the hallway for the next 20 minutes.'" Other parents said they felt they were on "lockdown" while Beyonce and her crew were there.

TMZ is now reporting that these mistreated parents are thinking of suing. Sources at the hospital apparently told the gossip site that mothers have been gathering at a breast-feeding class to gripe about the way they've been neglected ... and how the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the hospital has come up!

Although the extremes Beyonce and Jay Z went to seem a bit elaborate (and obnoxious), I do think the hospital is at fault here. And if anybody oughta be sued, it should be them. Since this was a scheduled c-section, clearly they had ample time to get ready. There's no excuse for failing to prepare for other mothers and fathers who would be in the hospital that day, as well. Rearrange rooms, block a section entirely off. There had to be a better solution than what they came up with -- and there's really no excuse for the other mothers feeling neglected. That's just awful. It wasn't just a special day for Beyonce and Jay Z.

Who do you think is at fault here?


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i.hea... i.heart.nerds

The fact that Beyonce and Jay-z felt they had the right to put a hospital on lock down is disgusting.

I hope the hospital loses every cent of its $1.3 million plus more because of this stupid stunt.

It a messed up world when the birth of one child super cedes the premature birth of another.

Honestly, I just think that we need to bring these diva 'stars' down a level or two or one hundred. They really aren't that great, its not like they save lives or teach us anything.

kelti... kelticmom

I would love to know where all the "sources" are getting their "facts". I dont believe any of this bs. Hospital wings are not available for rent. Especially wings with NICU attatched.

jalaz77 jalaz77

You guys it probably wasn't Beyonce and Jay Z. They were busy with the baby. Blame their staff and the hospital. The hospital is to blame, really.

vamom08 vamom08

I blame the hospital they should have been prepare knowing a celebrity was coming in to give birth knowing beyonce is a private person people should have expected something like this.

mikki318 mikki318

the hospital is at fault. They should have handled this way different.   

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

@kelticmom: have you ever heard the phrase "money talks and bull$hit walks"? These celebrities feel as if they can throw a couple of bucks around and it's alright. A man couldn't see his sick twins. What if god forbid one of his children passed away and he wasn't there? No life is more important than another. Everyone is equal. We as a society need to stop giving these celebs the big head. If we didn't purchase their music and support them they wouldn't have a career. I understand that there may be sickos out there that may want to harm Beyonce and her family but this took it too far....I'm sorry but someone needs to pay for these selfish people's carelessness for the families at Lenoxx Hill. I would sue them!

hutch... hutchfam2007

The Hospital is totally at fault. B and Jay Z just wanted privacy to have their baby and the hospital had ample time to prepare for this Scheduled Event. THEY are the ones that dropped the ball on the Other parents and for all this scandal making B and Jay Z look like the bad guys... Beyonce and Jay Z just wanted to make sure that nothing was "leaked" and that they had total privacy... any other normal couple would have been afforded that luxory if they would have liked as well.

Of course the other parents in the hospital at the time are out for money... however, the hospital will have precise records of when their rooms were visited, when and how their babies were treated, etc and nothing will come of this unless the hospital REALLY did something wrong.

nonmember avatar disgusted

I'm sorry, but what about the other mothers that gave birth - weren't they important. If Beyonce and Jay-Z really wanted their privacy they should have arranged for it at a private location. They could have paid to have the doctors and equipment there for them. They should be ashamed of themselves!

Stacey. Stacey.

wouldnt it be easier for her to birth at home and have a doctor on staff then scheduling a c section at a hospital?

I think its sad they had to do all this "redecorating". the focus should have been on the baby, not what kind of curtains they had up.

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