Beyonce's C-Section Is Bad News for Moms


nicuBeyonce had a baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter as I'm sure you've heard. I'm really happy for her and Jay-Z -- truly I am. But I am not happy about how things went down at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC where she gave birth. I almost feel like I can't blame Beyonce and Jay-Z though. All they did was ask the hospital if they could rent out an entire floor while Beyonce had her scheduled c-section. The hospital could have said no. But a lot of money was paid and well, hospitals do need money, and so it was allowed.

And yes, scheduled cesarean. Maybe she had a preexisting condition that made a c-section inevitable. But maybe it was because of her celebrity status that her birth had to be planned in order for them to be able to rent out an entire floor at Lenox Hill. That just makes me sad. It's a bad example for moms. And I'm upset for the families and moms who were birthing there that were very disrupted as a result of all of this. Parents who were denied seeing their newborns.

New dad Neil Nash-Coulon said that he was denied access to the NICU to see his baby because of the security lockdown going on while Beyonce and family were there. He said that this was the case for many as the NICU was on same floor rented out by the singer.

It's been reported that Jay-Z paid 1.3 million dollars for the entire floor, but the hospital has so far kept quiet on the confidential matter.

More on Beyonce's Delivery: Beyonce Addresses Baby Drama & Denies a Diva Delivery

I remember when I tried to get a private room after I had my twins because I wanted my husband to be able to spend the night to help me in-room with my two newborns. We were willing to pay the added fee, but were told that there was only one room and it was already taken. Which is fine. I get that. But then I hear of things like this ... renting an entire floor for a one-baby birth and I feel like more should be done for the everyday average Joe and Jane who have multiples and actually NEED to have more space or be able to have the dad stay to help mom. I'm talking about a room too, not a floor.

I also feel that because Beyonce had a scheduled c-section (for whatever reason) it makes so many other women who admire her think that is the glamorous way to birth. It's not. If it's necessary, then it's necessary and that is a different story, but too many of these diva births will have us ending up like China, where the c-section rate is 50 percent. And they have a one-child policy. So a mom is denying herself the rite of passage that is vaginal birth. But China says it's about risks because of the one child policy. So if anything seems less than perfect, then they choose cesarean.

Birth advocates know this is a bad decision. It's bad news for moms. Just look at the story of a mom who had twins, both breech, vaginally without any pain meds. This is trusting birth. Something we all need to do. Doctors need to give women more credit when birthing. Women need to give women more credit when birthing. And like many believe, I too think it's become a women's rights issue. If a doctor tells a woman she can't birth vaginally, she believes and trusts that doctor. But we need to start believing in ourselves. In our abilities. We can't believe in the Beyonce diva way of birth. We can't expect floors to shut down for our baby's arrival. I wish Beyonce didn't feel that she needed that. I get extra security, but how that hospital behaved was wrong. And I'm glad parents are speaking out about it.

We have to stop being passive spectators of our births and be active participators. We have to be very present and patient and active when we are parents, so it should start with the birth of our children.

What do you think of these diva births? Are we generally too passive when it comes to birth? Do you think we need to trust our bodies more?

UPDATE: At the press time of this article, all major news outlets were reporting a 'scheduled c-section' (sourced). The couple has since spoken out and called the birth natural. With or without Beyonce in the mix, the mentality of being 'too posh to push' in childbirth exists.


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nonmember avatar Renee

I find it hard to take this article seriously. Since when is having a c-section a "diva" way to birth? I don't think mothers are as impressionable as you make them out to be.

nonmember avatar Lexasmom

Your site is the only one claiming that it was a c-section birth. Can this information be confirmed? She had a baby... Big whoop. How she did it is really no one else's concern. I am so sick of ppl acting like B and Jay having a baby is some miracle or that she faked it. Let's get over it, shall we?

nonmember avatar C-section mommy

Wow, way to believe everything you read. Yes, the disruption to other parents was rather excessive. But the so called press would have been more so. And it's no one' business why or how the baby was delivered. Get a life

momav... momavanessa

They make me sick! No you don't NEED to rent the whole floor! That is just crazy and selfish! Also yeah there are a lot of mothers who prefer c-sections when they are not needed. Hey if you want it then fine I would rather push my baby out!

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

Are you Beyonce's personal physician?  Are you totally aware of her personal situation?  Stop making judgements.  Sometimes C-sections are scheduled for a variety of MEDICAL reasons. 

Medic... MedicturnedMama

I hope that the families of the babies that were in the NICU sue that hospital for denying access to their babies!!! That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! Those parents didn't give a crap that they were there having their baby. What if one of those babies had died while their parents were not allowed to see them, or hold them when they passed? I'm sick of celebrities getting special treatment because they have money. At the end of the day they are just people like the rest of us, we need to stop kissing their @$$es and force them to get a grip!

tinyp... tinypossum

I am disgusted that they are so entitlted that they thought it was appropriate to rent out an entire hospital wing for their birth, and that other patients and families were denied access to their babies. That's revolting. But, you have no idea whether or not her c-section was medically necessary so calling her a diva for the way she birthed is obnoxious. I don't agree with non-medically necessary c-sections but you don't know that what  she had.

People like you who guilt-trip any mom who doesn't birth the "right" way are the biggest problem. Making a woman feel like a failure or that she didn't "trust her body", (ect. euphamisms) because she needed a section or she used pain relief is also revolting. The whole underlying message is that you aren't woman enough or selfless enough to birth the right way and you are a giant failure. That's such BS and I'm so sick of reading it. Mind your own birth business and quit judging everyone elses. 

hutch... hutchfam2007

I think that in general we as women need to educate ourselves better on childbirth before we are in the situation. I, personally, can say that I did not want a c-section, but had my dr. decided that I needed one in the spur of the moment I would have went for it because I didnt know what complications would have warranted one. I have done my homework since then and feel more empowered to take control of my birth experience if needed this time around... last time I just got lucky enough that there werent any complications and we breezed through everything.

Bertha21 Bertha21

I really wish people would stop having selective c-sections.... That is just my opinion though. Women do need to trust their bodies more. Birth is a beautiful thing and releases a lot of oxytocin. Vaginal birth is painful but it is bes.t (if you have the option) You can always get pain killers but your body is designed to know how to go through birth, we need to stop altering nature.

hutch... hutchfam2007

As far as renting the floor of the hospital. It was a planned event and the Hospital is the responsible party for not allowing the parents to see NICU babies.

I do kinda feel it was Necessary for B and Jay-Z to rent the entire floor, not entitlement. Between crazies and paparazzi, it was necessary. Their only other choice would have been a homebirth or birth in another country like some other celebrities.

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