'Mom-Ed: Childbirth' Day 1: The Real Deal on the Third Trimester (VIDEO)

hospital bagAs the end of my second trimester comes to a close I've noticed a couple of things. One, some of these "symptoms" I've been hearing about throughout my gestation have begun to pop up (Heartburn, which I've never had before in my life, not so pleasant. And, ohmygod, I seriously cannot believe how much I pee!) and two, my desire to "get things done" in preparation for baby -- and preparation for labor -- has kicked into high gear.

Turns out, things are right on track for me -- heck, I may even be a bit ahead of schedule. In the first episode of CafeMom Studio's new video series Mom-Ed: Childbirth (hosted by the lovely and talented authors Alice Bradley and Eden Kennedy) focuses on "The End of Your Third Trimester" and  covers some of the symptoms we experience during this time, as well as what we need to do to get ready for that long-anticipated trip to the hospital!



I was beginning to think there was seriously something wrong with me. I, too, feel like I may as well live in the bathroom. I had dinner with friends over the weekend, and I got up to use the restroom four times. It's crazy -- and rather annoying, I might add. Especially when you're wearing heels and tights. And I guess the burning sensation I've been feeling in my chest and throat is heartburn afterall.

As for the hospital bag, well, I haven't got mine packed yet -- but this is actually something I'm looking forward to doing, for some reason. Partly because I love packing, partly because it means my baby's coming! Also, I was sure I had thought of everything, but lo and behold, a nursing bra was not on my "hospital bag" list. Good lookin' out, ladies. (Okay, I probably would have forgot my phone charger, as well.)

From the start, people told me that my pregnancy would fly by, and you know what? They were right! I can't believe my third trimester is about to begin -- it seems like just yesterday I was frolicking around in my skinny jeans, not a care in the world. I can't believe this video is actually pertinent to me right now. It's pretty amazing. Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only person peeing 900 times a day. I was seriously starting to get concerned.

Oh, and there's plenty more where this came from. Become a subscriber to CafeMom Studio's YouTube page, and you won't miss a single (informative) beat.  You won't be sorry. And you definitely won't forget your nursing bra.

What were some crucial things you packed in your hospital bag?


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