'Mom-Ed: Childbirth' Day 11: My Crazy Childbirth Fears Are Actually Common (VIDEO)

childbirth fearsI've got a little over three months of my pregnancy to go, and I've gotta be honest: The fear is starting to set in. Not necessarily the fear of being a mom (although that's scary sometimes, too), the fear of childbirth and all the painful, unattractive things that come with it.

About four months into my pregnancy, I started educating myself on giving birth. I've been reading everything I can, listening to whomever will talk, watching documentaries, and of course, I signed up for a class. But still, I feel like no matter how much information I arm myself with, there's no avoiding feeling scared.

So today's Mom-Ed: Childbirth video from CafeMom Studios was perfect for me. It addressed all the issues I've been stressing out over. Alice and Eden hit the streets and talked to moms -- and moms-to-be -- about their biggest childbirth fears. And turns out, I'm not alone.


All of these women virtually have the same fears I do -- even the ones who have already given birth. (Having it "weird out" my husband? Total fear. And hello, the pooping thing!) I'm not an overreacting freak! And you know what else I learned? I'm just going to have to deal with it. Plain and simple.

Now, I'm not saying that watching this video -- poof -- made all my anxieties disappear, but it did make me realize that even if my labor and delivery are unpleasant and uncomfortable for hours on end, I'm going to get through it (even if "getting through it" means having to have a c-section). And the best part of all? Like the moms interviewed in the video, I'll have an adorable baby afterward.

Oh, and one hell of a story.

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What are/were your fears about giving birth?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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